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No-one relishes making appointments to see their dentist as it usually involves some level of pain.

Yet we know that if we don’t make appointments for extended periods, any remedial work is likely to involve greater levels of pain.  

That’s a banana skin you don’t want to step on. 

When you call to make an appointment and they tell you you’ve been de-registered as you haven’t been for two years, you’ve every right to be distressed.

Disappearing Dentists: This is what’s happening all over Britain.

The Documentary ‘Disappearing Dentists’ on BBC iPlayer revealed that unless people can afford to become private patients, there’s almost no dentist that’ll take them or their children on as NHS patients.

Before you point a finger at the already overworked dentists, know that the British government re-wrote the NHS guidelines for dentists and has not allocated sufficient funding for dentists to work within them.

The short term result?  Adults and children desperately needing preventive and remedial dental care are not getting it…..often with tragic consequences.

The long term result?  The overall health of adults and children deteriorating significantly as many poor health conditions within our body start in our mouth.

Serious conditions such as cancer, diabetes, dementia and a laundry list of others.

In 2012 the British Medical Journal Open confirmed that people with high levels of dental plaque were 80% more likely to die prematurely of cancer than people with little or no plaque.

I’m trying not to take sides here but this is clearly a time when people need to support their own health. Coke and fast foods is just part of the problem. 

What’s required is some basic knowledge when all we’ve herd is “Brush, floss and rinse with mouthwash”

The main problems centre around gum disease (periodontitis). In the UK the figure is a conservative 45% with 10% of that figure being severe.  In the USA the figure is alarmingly higher.

Gum disease causes perfectly healthy teeth to wobble and fall out.  And yes, gum disease and tooth loss are closely linked with oral cancers.

Help for many people suffering can be found in the ebook “Brushing & Flossing Causes Gum Disease”.

The information here is knowledge that many people urgently need as it will help to arrest deterioration and hopefully restore teeth and gums back to an acceptable level of health.

Apart from a traffic flow of other ideas and recommendations, the chapters reveal:

  • the real causes of tooth decay (p19+) …..not what you’re told
  • why fillings are not as necessary as you think, and the ways to let your teeth re-mineralise at home (p23)
  • how to stop plaque from forming and from becoming calculus/tartar (p24+)
  • valuable remedies for toothache (p28+)
  • why some toothpastes can be dangerous (p30)
  • why iodine is far more effective than fluoride (p32)
  • rinsing your mouth with this every day will help prevent gum deterioration (p40)
  • reasons you should avoid commercial mouthwash (p46)
  • why flossing can be a disaster waiting to happen (p48)
  • the dirtiest part of your body. Spoiler alert – it’s your mouth, so who you should be kissing? (p50)
  • who to resolve bad breath (p51)
  • why root canal treatments are bordering on criminal (p81)

All you need to do is get your copy of the ebook and enjoy the many “Ah-ha” moments.

Graeme Dinnen

PS You have my permission to freely pass on the ebook to as many people as you think will benefit

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