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Last week, I received a challenging email from a reader who seemed to think I’d gone a bit off the deep end with my salt recommendations.

It all stemmed from my article entitled “Celtic Sea Salt: The Grain of Life. In response to my enthusiasm for salt, he fired back with the classic, “Why on earth are you pushing salt when everyone knows it’s public enemy number one?”

My reply went along these lines:

“Sure, if we’re talking about the run-of-the-mill salt you find at the supermarket – you’re absolutely right as that stuff’s about as good for you as kryptonite is to Superman. With the often ludicrous government health advice we’re subjected to it’s well past time to break a few commandments, especially with something as important for your body as mineral-rich salt. And if you’re willing to entertain a change of heart, I’ve have a document from biochemist Jacques de Langre, aka ‘the Salt Man.’ He was the driving force behind Celtic Sea Salts and swore by its many health benefits.”

With that I sent it off to him.

Over the weekend he called me and admitted having a “Come to Jesus” moment, giving me free rein to write about this (without divulging his name).

I’ve attached the document below. Read and you’ll discover:

  • How Celtic salt removes excess sodium, helping keep our blood pressure in check.
  • How cutting out salt entirely can actually send your blood pressure on a rollercoaster ride
  • The reason doctors vilify salt is because research conclusions are based on the wrong salt. 99% of the world’s research on salt is done on commercial table salt. This is the only salt they know of.
  • There’s actual bio-electric mojo in salt. The body runs on salt. Without salt, we run out of electrolytes. Without electrolytes, our human batteries (cells and mitochondria) die out. 
  • Enlightened doctors admit that Celtic Sea Salts will help to dissolve kidney stones.
  • Watch out for macrobiotic salts – they are refined, desiccated and de-ionized.
  • The normal reaction to taking Celtic Sea Salt is a renewal of energy. Fatigue diminishes. You are likjely to experience more mental alertness.
  • Vegetables cannot be fully digested without being salted. When you use the Celtic Sea Salts, you can get up to seven times the nutrition out of vegetables. 

Some years ago health writer Ray Collins wrote: 

  • Too little salt in our diet weakens teeth & bones.
  • Our hearts need salt to help regulate the rhythm, as well as it helping to reduce blood pressure.
  • Salt is vital to establish effective fluid dynamics in our tissues, muscles and kidneys.

Download the article at the foot of the page, ignoring our old phone number.

Celtic Sea Salts are available at

Graeme Dinnen

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