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For the last few decades, man-made electromagnetic fields have been silently taking over our world, causing untold damage to EVERYONE’S health and to the planet itself.

I have something to tell you that’s too important to hide….and it’s all about neuropsychiatric damage (trauma to the brain).

It’s about what really happened during the first major study on cell phone safety 20 years ago.

I’m telling you this because the facts have largely been suppressed.

The Wireless Technology Research Program was industry funded and headed by Dr. George Carlo.  

Carlo, with a PhD in pathology and a law degree, was handpicked by the telecoms industry to defuse the public relations crisis that threatened their substantial profits.

He was hired to prove once and for all that cell phones were safe.  Critics suspected that Dr. Carlo would be the front man for an industry cover-up. 

But his findings didn’t line up with his paymaster’s requirements.

One sure way to induce neuropsychiatric damage

 After 7 years of research Dr. Carlo concluded cell phones were detrimental to human health.

In February 2000 Dr Carlo took the stage to present his final report at the wireless industry’s annual conference. 

He had spoken for barely 10 minutes when two heavy set men forcibly escorted the scientist to a taxi outside and waited until it pulled away.

Dr. Carlo was immediately removed from the program and the public spin machine was put into action to smooth out any damage his announcements might have made. 

And so it has been ever since, despite the countless independent studies that have come to similar conclusions as Dr Carlo.  

As I write this over 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations published research and told the United Nations we need urgent action to reduce exposure, calling especially for a moratorium on the rollout of 5G.

What did the UN do?  Nothing of course! There were too many $$$ at stake.

And if you think that 5G is hazardous, they’re already working on 6G and there’s plenty more to come after that.

– – – – –

I don’t need to warn you of the physical and neuropsychiatric damage of ElectroMagnetic Radiation (EMR).  We’re well past that stage.

What’s already written about cell phones dangers could barely be captured in the pages  of a redwood tree.

I will however make the important point that 54% of one millennial group (born between 1981 and 1996) observed in a Blue Cross study showed at least one chronic condition (depression, substance abuse, alcohol, tobacco, diabetes hyperactivity, hypertension, sleep disorders, Crohn’s disease) by the age of 27.

The important question to ask yourself right now is:  “What safety measures must I take to protect myself and my family?”

The answer to this comes with an aspect of some urgency.

Hope For The Best, Plan For The Worst

ALL wireless devices emit microwave radiation. We humans are electromagnetic beings; bodies running on electromagnetic impulses.  

Man made radiation can and does disrupt these impulses leading to a growing range of poor health conditions.

To make a practical decision over what to do next, you first need to know what may be causing health issues in your home, your office, your children’s school (if you have kids) and wherever else, because what you can’t see CAN hurt you.

It could be any of these….

Common External Sources Of Electromagnetic Radiation

  • high voltage transmission cables
  • distribution cables
  • radio and TV antennas 
  • electricity substations
  • internet masts
  • cell phone towers and relay antennas
  • neighbours electronic devices (next door, above and below)

Common Internal Sources Of Electromagnetic Radiation

  • WiFi routers and modems
  • video game stations
  • shoddy electrical wiring in walls 
  • wireless burglar alarms, baby alarms, printers
  • bluetooth devices
  • TV and computer screens
  • Smart Meters, Smart Phones, Smart TV’s, Smart Homes  (anything with the words SMART (‘Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology’)
  • PC’s, laptops, iPads and other such devices/instruments
  • light dimmer switches
  • digital clocks
  • microwave ovens
  • cell phones
  • cordless phones
  • electric toothbrushes

What’s The Most Important Room In You House?

Correct!  Your bedroom.  It’s where you regenerate yourself through rest and sleep.

When you’re sick, where do you want to go?  To bed, to sleep in your sanctuary.

But these days is your bedroom really a sanctuary?

Let’s say you have a health condition you’re seeing a doctor or therapist to remedy it.  

What if the condition isn’t responding as it should?

Disease is a disruption in your frequency.  What if your frequency improves every time you see your  practitioner only to be disrupted when you return home and lie on your bed?

Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) may not be the root cause of your health condition, but it will certainly prevent it from healing.   

You may get better but will you get well?

If your bedroom is being ‘blasted’ by the external or internal sources mentioned above, when you lie down on your bed, you’re absorbing the invisible and harmful levels of radiation as you lie there.

To minimise damage from taking place 24 hours a day it has become vitally important to arrange for your bedroom fully protected. 

Let’s start with some of the simple actions you can take:

1.  Things to consider before you go to bed tonight

  • If your bed or sofa where you sit to watch TV is positioned against the same wall as a Smart Meter is mounted on the other side, move your bed/sofa away from that wall.
  • Switch your modem OFF every night. (Better still, use an Ethernet cable instead).
  • Not always easy but it makes sense to shorten the number of calls to your cell phone, especially if your handset is held to your head. Brain cancer is now the leading cancer for kids; spending 30 minutes a day on your cell phone is considered to be high phone usage. Your brain is worth it so use the loudspeaker or unpowered ear buds (powered earphones can inflict damage to your DNA). 
  • Bluetooth headset devices can wreak havoc. Pulsed radio frequency (RF) microwaves do more damage than continuous radiation. Strapping something like a bluetooth earphone next to your brain that operates in the 2.4 GHz band must border on lunacy.  For the same reason I use a wired mouse, however ‘safe’ the manufacturers claim them to be – not a 2.4 GHz!
  • Carry your phone in a decent cell phone radiation pouch rather than on your body (pocket, bra, jacket). Switch your cell phone into flight mode before you go to bed.
  • If you need an alarm clock, buy a small battery operated one.
  • Turn off all unnecessary power in the bedroom at the indoor sub-panel where possible before going to sleep…. and never, ever leave the TV on standby.

2. Walking Barefoot

Lightning strikes the earth 6,000 times a minute with extraordinary force, each cloud-to-ground bolt containing up to one billion volts of electricity. 

 We’re on a planet alive with natural energies and pulsating frequencies that unfortunately remain unknown to most people.

Those bolts of lightning charge the earth upon which we walk. They give it what the Lakota Sioux Indians called a “mothering power”.

But by wearing shoes, our feet with their complex network of nerve endings don’t come into contact with the earth and we remain disconnected. 

Podiatrist Dr William Rossi described footwear as having “An almost total blockout of sensory response”

So go outside barefoot, take a few deep breaths, stand on the earth, grass or sane and discharge any negative electrons or any static charges that have built up within you.

The value of Earthing is covered by the many videos on YouTube of in Clinton Ober’s inspiring and well-researched book “Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?”

3. Think Before You Buy – Trinkets and EMR Masking Devices

Despite the marketing, I’ve never been convinced by things to hang around my neck or attach to my cell phone. 

They’re at best band-aid solutions and not powerful enough to really ‘scratch the itch’.

Some people contend that organite crystals strengthen the bio-field better than other products but with the advent of 5G they will simply not provide sufficient shielding and wearers will develop a false sense of protection. 

What happens is your mitochondria (the power generators of your cells) are ultimately drained as they will forever be in defence mode.

We live in a culture where the band-aid solutions I mentioned rule supreme in almost every category of society.  Is it any wonder our ability to solve ‘downstream’ problems by going ‘upstream’ to the source is virtually nonexistent?

4.  Earthing sheets

Be very careful with these. The biggest problem is the electric fields coming from the wiring in your bedroom walls….and this problem is not just in mattresses with metal coils.

An earthing sheet can prevent the electric fields (that you don’t want in your bedroom anyway) from going to ground.

When you’re lying on the earthing sheet the negative impact can be amplified.

In other words it can become a long-term disaster, the built up electric fields increasing the harmful effect of any radiation.

– – – – –

What will your children say in 10 years time if you didn’t do anything to protect yourself and them from EMR?  By then you could be walking down memory loss lane.

It really is time for us all to crank up the Mission: Impossible music and do something. 

I’ve listened to a variety of webinars on the subject and I’ve compared the effectiveness of several products sold by companies offering protection devices.

I’d suggest that there are already too many products on offer that simply don’t do what they claim or have been tested without the diligence necessary.

The phrase “sleight of mouth” springs to mind when listening to their marketing videos.

Putting it bluntly, these companies are there to sell you something….and you get what you pay for. 

I needed to find a company that wasn’t “in it for the money”, that had a genuine track record and that walked their talk.

I settled on GEOVITAL* because they address the subject in a refreshing and different way.  GEOVITAL started life as a natural health clinic in Austria and has since grown into a highly respected authority on minimising the damage of radiation in a holistic and manner.

(*Health Stronghold is the international arm of GEOVITAL)

Rather than being a recently-formed company that produces radiation protection  products to sell and move on to the next customer, the ultimate goal of GEOVITAL is for improved client health.

It has been this way for almost 40 years.

Despite the online sales claims from other companies offering “the best” and being “the most effective”, nothing comes close  to GEOVITAL in terms of product quality.  GEOVITAL is unquestionably “the one to beat”, which explains why hotel chains and real estate developers have approached GEOVITAL to advise and work with them to establish how they can improve their sleeping areas and reduce EMR generally.

GEOVITAL has always been more focused on developing realistic solutions for problems and this will never change. After all, when it comes to your health, the only thing you want are remedies that really work!

Shielding Paint (comprehensive details here) Wall-to-wall protection can be achieved by applying special graphite and carbon paint that can be wallpapered or painted over after application.

Shielding Mats Protection is incorporated into the flooring during a home construction or it can be added in key rooms later.  Extremely valuable in apartments.

Shielding Fabric Semi-transparent curtain material that provides almost total protection against high frequency EMR coming in through the windows.

NOVA Bed Canopy As a curtain or bed canopy the fabric is ideal due to its high air and light permeability.

Here’s a short video I made on the canopy I installed in my villa:  

Your Mattress I’ll repeat what I wrote earlier if only for impact.

If you’re sleeping on a mattress with metal springs, the metal will act as a conduit attracting radiation from transmitters at the same time propagating electric fields from the bedroom walls.

Metal bed frames have a similar effect.  When you’re sleeping on a coil spring mattress or another type of mattress on a metal bed frame, you become a conductor of radiation.  

What do you need for a good night’s sleep?  

Melatonin for starters.  And what prevents melatonin from forming naturally?

You got it! – Electro Magnetic Radiation.

The downside of most mattresses is:

  • with use they become toxic and are breeding grounds for bacteria & fungus
  • they carry a static build up charge
  • they don’t allow good skin oxygenation (skin is a major breathing organ)
  • many mattresses provide less spinal support than they claim
  • they’re too rigid on the chest for side-sleepers
  • the covers can’t be washed
  • gimmicks such as “natural” and “silver” are just empty marketing words 
  • UK fire hazard rules add 3 known carcinogens to cope with falling asleep in bed while smoking

If sleep disturbance, low energy, brain fog, waking up without energy, poor recovery time, lack of concentration, poor memory or headaches are an ongoing concern, it could be your mattress that’s contributing to this.

Don’t make any hasty decisions just yet.

Unlike the majority of companies making anti-radiation products available, GEOVITAL doesn’t encourage online sales; there’s an important reason for this.

You can’t restore your bedroom to a safe haven just by buying a special mattress or hanging a canopy over your bed.  

These will certainly solve a few problems but there are likely to be many other factors in your bedroom that you haven’t yet been made aware of.

Consequently we don’t want you to spend money unnecessarily, only for the problem to continue and for you to become disillusioned.

That’s why we prefer to carry out a proper assessment on your home.  Once we’ve done that you’ll automatically be registered as a GEOVITAL customer and thereafter benefit from discounted product prices.

That way you get the benefit of the assessment from someone who knows their electrical fields from their magnetic fields and their mV’s from their V/m’s so they can recommend workable solutions for you at prices you can afford.

 Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

You’re about to buy a house, everything looks fine and you want to go ahead with the purchase. 

At the last moment you’re made aware from a GEOVITAL pre-purchase inspection or a home assessment that there’s a worrying level of electro smog present and a proximity to transmission lines you didn’t appreciate the dangers of. 

Homes can be plagued by a relentless exposure to voltage (the presence of electricity) and magnetic fields (the flow of electricity).    

If you’re already living in a home when you discover the same high exposure to electro smog, would you wait until a family member develops a tumour, becomes diabetic or suffers persistent headaches before doing something to address the problem?

Radiation In A House Can Contribute To Sick Building Syndrome

The common damage within many homes is the presence of nearby cell phone towers and the poor configuration of electrical wiring within the walls. 

Add to that the daily usage of electrical items within – washing machines, microwaves, SMART meters, SMART TVs, baby monitors, electrical alarm clocks, bedside lamps, gaming consoles, dimmer switches, energy saving lightbulbs…and that’s before we factor in daily cell phone usage.       

For the same reasons, you ‘d only buy a ‘sick’ home because the view is great if you didn’t know any better. 

If you wouldn’t do this, why would you carry on living in one once you’ve learned how it’s damaging your family’s health?

And you’ll want the home to be something you can easily sell, especially in say 20 years time when everyone will be more familiar with the hazards of radiation.

You need to be ahead of the game.

Resale value: One shielded home was put up for sale. After completion the real estate agents said that in their history, no home had ever attracted either the attention or the number of potential buyers that this home had.

It’s not just the eyesore transmission lines in the nearby field you should be concerned about.  Underground power (Geopathic Stress) can play havoc with magnetic fields and it may be unfixable.

Here are the common examples of Geopathic Stress we find:

  • Areas of your garden that always die or don’t thrive
  • Observing a particular area your cat likes to sleep (cats like GS)
  • Illness or poor health since living in your home
  • Constantly getting the flu, earaches, stomach aches
  • Repeated miscarriages or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Feeling better if you sleep away from your house or in a different room
  • Cracks in bricks, plaster boards and/or concrete foundations
  • Constant electrical and/or mechanical breakdowns (lightbulbs blow often
  • Accident black spots in and outside the building

– – – – –

“The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland predicted that by the year 2025, half the population of Ireland will suffer from some form of cancer”  Mast Sanity

What You Can Do About It?

What if ONE conversation could change your life?  From the moment you draw a line in the sand, nothing will be the same. 

You need to restore your confidence in where you live. I can’t tell what will happen in the coming years because along with everything else, crystal balls are in short supply.

But I do know that the Telecoms industry is riding roughshod over all opposition because they want a huge return on their investment.  

If they get their way with global and more recently satellite 5G installations, the harm from EMF radiation will change from bad to catastrophic.

We can’t all return to the older ways of living or relocate to an isolated area but we can restore some much needed balance in our lives.

The best ‘next step’ is for you to contact me with questions and concerns so that I can direct or help you in whatever way I can, or just go on one of the practical courses so you learn the basics yourself.

Let’s get as many elephants out of the room as we can. 

Graeme Dinnen 

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