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We’re sure you’ve seen the headlines. According to the “experts” and the so-called authorities, COVID is coming back. If that’s the case, then we are too. 

Pandemics are only a piece of the global depopulation puzzle, albeit a large one.

The END of COVID with its 11 modules (and over 100 hours of content) is available to watch today so, if you weren’t able to catch all of the sessions when they first aired, this is your chance to jump back in. Now the truth is that not many of us have the time for 100 hours of content so here’s my recommendation to get started:  

Click here select LEARNING CENTER; scroll down to the modules

The Narrative Act 2 # 15        COVID Psychosomatics

The Narrative Act 2 # 17        The Psychology of Obedience and Fear

The Narrative Act 4 # 31        The Power In Our Hands

The Prequel: Science & Corruption # 46.    A Paediatrician’s Perspective (new vax ingredients crossing the blood-brain barrier).

There’s a wide range of other valuable subjects addressed by dedicated experts in their field that haven’t been induced to follow the money, so choose your subjects wisely.

And there’s the Voices of the Victims Parts 1 & 2

Ending The COVID Nonsense

Between October 1st and midnight on October 11th it’s also your chance to purchase the entire project at a discounted price. During the replay period, The End of COVID will be available for $77 (before returning to the regular price of $111 on October 12th). 

If “COVID is back,” we already know what comes next: the masking, the unlawful mandates and all the other nonsense that we supposedly left behind. 

But the truth is, we’ll never be able to Lleave medical tyranny behind until we educate ourselves en masse, and step into our power. 

The END of COVID has the potential to make this happen. It’s a one-of-a-kind resource that covers everything we need to know to prevent the past from repeating.  That’s why we’re encouraging everyone who’s reading this to participate. We’d appreciate all the help we can get to spread this important information.   

We truly believe that if enough people see and share this content, we can put an end to pandemics, once and for all. 

And finally, the curtain will have been pulled back and the wizards exposed for what they are…… ….avaricious manipulators of science.

Click on this link to access the free modules.

The alternative is letting Pharmaceutical companies with appalling track records and far too much power take 100% control over your and your family’s health – and that scares me!

Graeme Dinnen

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