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How many people today are dissatisfied with their health? 

For that matter how many people are not really getting the results they want from their doctor, acupuncturist, naturopath, chiropractor, psychiatrist or therapist of whatever discipline? 

How many sick people, especially those with Chronic Fatigue embrace therapy after therapy in the continuing search for relief of debilitating symptoms?

Therapists can themselves be at a loss to understand why clients show little or no response to tried and tested treatments.

The missing piece in this puzzle is simple and it deals with a root cause of disease, yet this aspect often evades us.  It is…..


In past times we would visit physicians when we were well, in order to prevent future illness. 

In these modern, more stressful times, we tend visit therapists when our symptoms have become aggravated or when the allopathic treatment we opted for initially has not succeeded.

By this stage our energy is much depleted and although we may not be aware of it, what little reserves we have left are used up quickly each day just functioning. 

In this state we may be too weak to metabolise the benefits of medications and therapeutic treatments.  Worse still, we could be holding onto inappropriate belief systems that block our healing.

Why has our energy weakened? 

Simple. Our environment was once rich in bio-electric energy, or life-force which our bodies were designed to absorb and in turn charge our batteries.

In an all-out assault on our planet we created a terrifying cocktail of chemical and radioactive substances that has contaminated our atmosphere, water and food sources. 

The additional damage from electromagnetic fields in particular slowly depletes our physical resources each and every day.  

These changes to our way of living have happened over time. 

Rather than adapt, our bodies have compromised by reducing energy levels as our ‘batteries’ are no longer being charged in the way they were designed.  

If human beings have the capacity to operate as a 12 volt battery, most of us today are functioning on 5 or 6 volts and we think we are healthy.  People with serious ‘label’ diseases are probably surviving on less than one volt

With depleted energy levels it is clear why people no longer have the resources to respond to treatments and therapies.

We are there – 100%

That’s a huge relief on our part, having to fight the industry at almost every turn….  

Everything now fits perfectly together….as it should. What you’re seeing is not just a new model that Future Life Science, Q the Experience is presenting here.

The new model is unique. a complete re-design from the ground up.

When your energy is lacking, everything in your lives suffers. Everything!

You end up living a half life when you’re capable of so much more.

The natural springs that occur at Baden-Baden, Bath, Lourdes, Beppu Hetto, Spa and other parts of the world are set apart from other spring waters because they contain highly mineralised deposits, high natural magnetic forces, natural thermal activity and low Oxidisation Reduction Potential (ORP).

ORP is a term from electrochemistry which measures whether something contributes electrons or requires electrons.  A positive measurement is ‘bad’ as it indicates oxidization and the existence of damaging free radicals.  A negative measurement on the other hand is healthy as it evidences the existence of electrons which neutralize the free radicals.

Ordinary UK tap water has been measured at potentially harmful levels of +400 to +500 millivolts.  Waters in the natural spas (above) are generally measured at about -200 millivolts, a far healthier reading. At this level the electrons are neutralizing the damaging free radicals.  Water during a Q2 session has been measured between -400 to -500 millivolts which is a significant improvement over even these natural spas.

Note: When people write about a bath, this can be either a footpath or a full body bath.

Halve Your Vascular Age

If your vascular age is greater than your chronological age, you may be at more risk of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

Put simply you’re as old as your arteries, which is often greater that the number of candles on your birthday cake.

Dr Howard Peiper writes  

If homoeopathic remedies are not taking, the use of the Q2 will enable them to take.”  Robert Davidson, Homoeopath

Over the past decade I’ve used water from a variety of different sources around the country with varied results; water from the red and white springs at Glastonbury, rain water, water from a variety of other springs, water from taps around the country, distilled water, water with added salt and reversed osmosis water remineralised with potassium citrate to increase the conductivity of the water.

Given that TSA approvals require that we make no major health claims, I can’t write what I’d really like to tell you about the benefits but I can mention these:

• detoxification and naturalisation of skin

• revitalised blood

• lower blood pressure

• increased vitality

• pain and stress relief

• faster recovery from illness and injury

• reduced inflammation

• improved sleep

• reduced fluid retention

• improved endocrine and metabolic function

• improvement in general wellbeing

Energy Is The Foundation Of Everything In Your Life

Energy is the foundation of everything in your life.

Energy never tires, but we do. When your energy is lacking, everything in your life suffers and you live a half life, yet you’re capable of so much more.

Usually you don’t notice the deterioration or you put it down to age or a bad night’s sleep.  These are excuses.

Here’s the main site.  It is worth your while to look at the many practical applications of the QEnergySpa, particularly….

  • if you look after horses (before-and-after blood, hair follicle and Vet examination tests shown)
  • if you grow pumpkins, tomatoes or cucumbers (or anything else for that matter) and want to increase your yields
  • or just want to keep exhaustion and poor health at bay

Amongst my happily recovered customers have been:

– a young lady who suffered from whiplash over 12 months prior. After one session only she felt ‘pins and needles’ (her words) in her neck signifying there was still cellular activity there. At the end of the session she walked up and down on her carpet, looked at me and said “My whole body structure feels different.”

– a lady who had become exhausted from insomnia, booked for 3 sessions. After the first, she went home with her friend driving (sensible), went to bed and woke up at 10am the next morning. Her husband asked if she’d heard their dog barking during the night at a fox in the garden.  She hadn’t.

– the man with Multiple Sclerosis who also booked for 3 sessions. He drove for an hour to reach our centre, each time stopping for a toilet break enroute. After his second session he suggested that he wasn’t noticing any improvement in his health.  I honoured his perspective and asked how his journey was. “Much better and I didn’t have to stop this time”.  I then asked if he was sleeping better.  He nodded, and smiled as he realised the improvements were indeed taking place,

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