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Holding the fingers individually is a simple yet profound Jin Shin Jyutsu self-help practice. 

As many of the meridian energy pathways run through the fingers (the fingers and thumbs are said to regulate 14,400 functions within the body), holding the fingers is a good way to balance energy throughout the entire body.

And I bet you know a few people who could benefit from that.

The Japanese who have been practicing natural approaches to health for centuries, believe that every finger has a link to at least 2 organs. 

Holding your fingers individually is a good habit to get into.  You can easily do this as you’re waking up, when you’re sitting somewhere with nothing to do, when you’re travelling in a train, car, bus or plane. 

The Importance Of Fingers

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Mudras – These are ritual or symbolic positions of the hands, body or eyes that have an influence on the energies of the body, especially a person’s mood. 

Each area of the hand and fingers has a reflex reaction within part of the brain.  One specific mudra can induce a certain state of mind and consciousness.

Mudras redirect the energy flow, boost pranic energy and are often performed during yoga or meditating.

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To stay fit and flexible, our fingers need exercise too.  Finger fitness has been linked with brain stimulation and coordination.  I do some of these exercises shown below as I’m waking up.

The very simple-to-follow video below will show you several sets of finger exercises, useful to know if you have young children to keep occupied with a challenge.

Finger Fitness 1: Be A Genius (11:03)

Graeme Dinnen

PS When our YouTube account was abruptly terminated 1 1/2 years ago, the videos on Jin Shin Jyutsu I’d made were lost….until I found three of them on someone else’s site.

Here they are:

Safety Energy Lock #4 – ‘The Measurer of Intelligence”

Safety Energy Lock #9 – ‘End Of One Cycle, Beginning Of The Next’

Safety Energy Lock #13 – ‘The Energy of Heaven’

I’ll keep lookout for other videos

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