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Let’s keep this simple….

The lockdown years impacted us all.

Some businesses switched off the lights and locked their doors for good; many people lost their jobs, some even their dignity.

Yet life always seems to find a way. This new era is no different.

Businesses turned to Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a means of generating fresh revenues even though it was still the “new kid on the block”. 

As you know, AI is a transformative technology unlike anything we’ve seen since the creation and rollout of the internet.

At first it was like an amateur magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat – not quite at the David Copperfield level, but promising.

Offers like “Make Money with AI” flooded social media and everyone raced to hop on the AI bandwagon, fearing they’d miss the ride.

I applauded their endeavour as the businesses being left behind today are usually those that resist change when offered new opportunities. Their focus is rarely on what they have to gain, but what they have to give up….all from a familiar attachment to what they’ve done before and the way in which they’ve done them.

Despite the initial excitement it was a prudent time to put on the handbrake and play the waiting game to see what emerged of any genuine quality.

ChatGPT was one of the first to rise head and shoulders above the rest.  It wasn’t perfect, but it could do some mind-boggling things.

This marked the dawn of the AI age. 

Understandably people were still skeptical. AI could perform advanced tasks and potentially replace a wide range of employees.  

In a similar way people perceived computers, the internet and other labour saving devices as a potential threat to their established way of life. Even the simple calculator once had its detractors.

I look at AI as a valuable force for increasing revenues.  

Whether your business is small or medium sized; whether you produce software, train dogs, sell books, provide therapies, teach martial arts, run a restaurant or provide a service such as a mortgage broker, estate agent, plumber or a hair salon, you’ve got to make the cash register ring, right?

Q: What’s the main conduit for online sales in today’s market? 

A: Not your website but Sales Funnels.

Sales funnels are what you see when a product is being offered online. Generally a full funnel is comprised of an Offer (or Lead) Page, a Sales Page, A Checkout Page, 1-Click Upsell Page(s) and a Thank You Page…..and this new version has a choice of AI images built into the pages.

It’s an increasingly common method for generating sales, and NOTHING will bring in more money to your business than your funnels. When businesses get this right, their revenues can skyrocket. 

More businesses offer sales online, but not everyone’s a tech wizard and not all wallets are bursting with cash. Creating those digital funnels, writing those ebooks, designing those eye-catching covers and composing follow-up emails can take weeks to complete and, if outsourced, can be expensive. 

In today’s world the consequences of getting this wrong can literally mean life or death for a business.

And as always, its the businesses with deep pockets that usually win this showdown.

The chart below shows us just how fast new businesses are emerging. 

What’s Recently Become Available

A brand new programme has been released that generates ebooks, funnels and websites IN A MATTER OF MINUTES. The quality is mindblowing and valuable new features are being added by the week.

In its first five months of operation AI AutoFunnels has already made $750,000 in sales. That’s making people really sit up and take notice.

Given the stats in the image below, it’s clearly a time to outthink your competitors, not outwork them.

Forging Fresh Revenues With AI

AI AutoFunnels is the only company in the world offering this premier software. It’s the game-changer that’s unquestionably levelling the playing field in favour of smaller businesses.

Never lose sight of the fact that Google sees almost everything, Any ads of yours on local sites, clicks and traffic to your website, calls from Android devices, visits from GoogleMaps, posts on social media and through the Chrome browser.

The result?  Google picks up on increased business activity, treats you as more important, rewarding you with increased exposure. This builds and builds over time resulting in genuine brand authority. 

That’s something small ads on FaceBook or YouTube won’t do.

Here’s What AI AutoFunnels Will Do For You

• create unique products & services even if you operate in a crowded market

• take away any requirement for you to be ‘good at digital things’

• no longer will you need to outsource tasks

What’s the one thing all new customers want from a business? Trust

Trust can be created by having:

  • higher listings in Google Maps
  • greater visibility within your market
  • more people looking for your services & products
  • a boost to your business reputation

Of course you can still write your own emails if you want and use ChatGPT to sprinkle its magic over your words. After all you wouldn’t want to lose your personal touch to create a bond with your audience.

The skill level at AI AutoFunnels is better than most of us can write, even when we’re not trying to impress anyone.

What To Do Next

You’ll want to use AI AutoFunnels to get the attention of the marketplace and take out the competition so you become the automatic choice to keep existing customers and attract new ones.

To give your customers epiphanies and AHA! moments, now is the time to take those next steps.

You’ll love this next bitwe’ve set things up so that:

  • any agreement can be terminated immediately (no binding contracts)
  • you get a 30 day guarantee
  • there are no empty promises

If you have a husband/wife, partner, sibling, friend or cousin who doesn’t want to bang their head against a brick wall by carrying on the ‘old way’ yet are wondering how to catch this digital wave, tell them to drop me an email and we’ll set up a phone or Zoom call. 

There’s no obligation at all.

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