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Once again we humans have a hurdle to get over, but we can do it as many generations before us have done.

The survival game isn’t new, particularly when in past centuries our Kings, Queens and Ministers have commanded us to do battle somewhere against people we didn’t know, or put on a khaki uniform and live in a watery, rat-infested trench for 4 years and take pot shots at the enemy….who had been told by their leaders to do the same to us.

Today’s struggles seem to be against the people we voted in to power to protect our rights.

If only we could do something positive to get our own lives in order, we’d stand a better chance.

This is not about the pros and cons of mask wearing….it’s about what’s written above.

  • 5G is almost upon us all.  We’re seduced by quicker internet downloads and the prospect of self driving vehicles but few people understand the real consequences of this, especially when Elon Musk has commenced his deployment of some 50,000 Starlink satellites beaming 5G and Wi-Fi services to us on Earth whether we like it or not.
  • What we eat is being controlled by Big Agriculture, Big Pharma and Big Tech.  They’ve genetically modified the plants, now they are trying to genetically modify us.
  • Junk food: What do we see most ads for?  Pizza, burgers and sugary drinks.  ‘Nuff said!
  • Dehydrated: much of the overpriced bottled water we drink is tap water with added fluoride, a known neurotoxin that your dentist tells you is important for your teeth. It’s not and never has been! And now Boris wants to add it to the UK’s entire water supply.
  • Sedentary: have you tried squatting or working from a standing desk?
  • Sun: a reliable source of Vitamin D, until that is we lather ourselves in toxic sun tan cream and negate the beneficial effects.  
  • Nutritionally Deficient: if it’s packaged in plastic or tinned, I’m not going to buy it because Bisphenol A (BPA) will have been sprayed into the cans before the food is added. Support your local Farmer’s Market!
  • Detox: most detoxes start on 1 January each year and last a week or two at best.  By definition a detox is not meant to make you feel good until it’s been completed. A detox bandwagon emerged over 20 years ago and most detox programmes on the market are placatory.
  • Emotions:  A fascinating subject that’s so linked to both our physical and mental health, the latter being something that has suffered during the global lockdowns.
  • Grounding: when did you last stand barefoot on the grass? The weather is cooling in the Northern Hemisphere right now but find a place to take off your shoes and socks and stand on the grass, earth or sand and absorb the earth’s natural surface charge. Being grounded naturally discharges and helps prevent chronic inflammation in the body.  Do this regularly.
  • Circadian Rhythms:  We have a clock that ticks away inside our cells. It’s what tells our body it’s time to sleep or time to wake.  While direct responses to advancing darkness and light are important, we’ve also developed an internal biological clock to drive our bodily functions and behaviour. These are our Circadian Rhythms (Latin ‘circa diem’ or ‘approximately a day.’).  The functions of these rhythms are based in the hypothalamus within which are a group of cells that are connected to our optic nerves. Even in the absence of environmental cues (eg. changes of light, colours, sounds, smells), these cells work to get us functioning, regulating many aspects of our metabolism, behaviour and physiology. The Nobel prize committee described these findings as having “vast implications for our health and wellbeing”.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it… get through what’s ahead, you’ll have to become your own Messiah.

Graeme Dinnen

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