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I don’t often get this excited but right now I’m beyond impressed.

Just when I was becoming frustrated with the number and amount of monthly charges going through our account, something came along to blow all of that out of the water.

Take one example: I’ve been using ClickBank since April 2017 at a cost of US$97 per month. That totals just under US$5000.  Ouch.

Then there’s AWeber, Campaign Monitor and Vimeo which are thankfully less expensive but still add $$$ to the monthly outgoings.

Last week an email arrived offering a free basic membership of something called Groove. It rang a bell because in its developmental stages, Groove was called GroovePages.

Until now Groove has been consolidating its act, streamlining existing features and incorporating new ones.

What does Groove offer?  Its certainly more than I need but the free membership and one-time upgrade means that I’ll never pay a monthly fee for any of these features again. 


I registered with Groove and immediately cancelled everything else.

There are more useful features than I’ve ever seen under one umbrella before. Here’s a summary….

And I’m also uplifted because I love discovering new and easier ways of creating things and Groove has given me a new lease of life when it comes to filling the gaping financial hole created when:

   • Syria was invaded, preventing us from sourcing the Ancient Herbal Remedies

   • We relocated to Bali preventing us from collecting the Celtic Sea Salts in Brittany

   • The Blotting Brush manufacturer arbitrarily decided not to manufacture the brushes any longer

   • Our ad accounts were terminated by Facebook AND YouTube with no reasons given

The more I look back at Clickfunnels the more I “get it” that the software was created by marketing people offering technical features, whereas Groove has been put together by an education and technology company who won’t be selling you the next thing once you’ve registered.

If you’re an enterprising person or have a small business you want to keep thriving into the increasingly uncertain future we have ahead of us, here’s their deal: 

Until midnight 31 August it is free to become a Groove member; thereafter it’ll cost US$299 to join. 

You won’t pay that $299 if you register before the 31 August deadline

Why free? Groove is coming out of the early stages of development (aka ‘beta’) into full time operation.  Not everything is 100% operational but it will be soon.

I’ll definitely use at least 50% of the features listed above and save a pile of monthly outgoings by doing so. At some point I’ll explore the features I don’t intend using from the outset.

Everything else you need to know about is here

My recommendation? Register before 31 August anyway.

Even if you do nothing or choose to upgrade next week or next month (or never at all) it won’t have cost you anything and you won’t have to pay that $299 registration fee because you’ll already be ‘in’.

If you manage or are involved in a small business and want to get a head start on the coming inflation (yes it’s coming!), here’s a genuine opportunity to lift your business above the background noise of your competitors.


– – – – –

For the affiliate marketers amongst you, even if you don’t upgrade from Free Member to Pro Member you’ll be paid 20% of all Tier 1 Members and 5% of all Tier 2 Members you introduce….for life.

For the record Pro Members are paid 40% and 20% respectively.

Upgrading to Pro Member at some point is worth it because you’ll have access to the entire Groove Funnels suite to promote your business on.

If you have any questions or need something explained clearer, just register and read the intro pages or email me before the 31st

I bet you have some friends or family who’s business would welcome something like this. Do them a favour….pass it on.

I told you I was impressed!

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