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….or lack the energy to be present with your family at the end of the day? 

In past newsletters I’ve shared with you how energy is the foundation of everything in your life – from your relationships, your careers, your mood, fulfilling your dreams and your overall happiness.

When your energy is lacking, everything in your lives suffers. Everything! You end up living a half life when you’re capable of so much more.

What if I told you there’s a way to get your energy back?

There’s a particular piece of equipment I’ve been excited about for some time and use regularly.

The good news is that things have just become better…..I’ll come to that later.

These days the list of poor health conditions people suffer from only gets longer.  What you’re never told is that many of them are brought about simply by your dwindling energy levels.

It’s not difficult to lay the blame for this at the frightening cocktail of pesticides, flame retardants and other man-made chemicals that impact our daily lives.

You may not have the reserves of energy you’re used to, you’re plain weary or you’ve been diagnosed with adrenal or chronic fatigue.

I’ll write it again. 

Energy is the foundation of everything in your life.

When your energy is lacking, everything in your life suffers and you live a half life, yet you’re capable of so much more.

Usually you don’t notice the deterioration or you put it down to age or a bad night’s sleep.  These are excuses.

If that’s the case you’re no different to the way I was until I decided it was time to get my energy back.

How do YOU get YOUR energy back?

Certainly not the usual ways – stimulants, caffeine, quick-fixes, questionable “energy drinks”, sugar or magic energy pills.

I’m talking about your REAL energy where you wake up ready for the day and jump out of bed every morning; something that restores you back to the energy levels you used to know.

If you’re fed up of being tired all the time and you’re ready to start living with a lot more energy, then read on as I have something I know you’re going to love.

It’s the new Q Energy Spa.

When people ask me if this equipment works on particular conditions I tell them honestly “I don’t know.  But I do know it increases your body’s energy and this sets the basis for any improvement.”

I’ve seen this happen time and time again and had practitioners watch the improvements measured on the QXCI (Quantum Xrroid), by Kinesiology, Electro-Acupuncture and using a PIP Scan unit (Energy Centre in Exeter).  

Don’t take my word – have a good look yourself

Here’s the main site. There are many practical applications and you’ll be shown the range of benefits, how it works, how you use it and whatever else may appeal, especially….

•  if you look after horses (see the before-and-after blood, hair follicle and Vet examination), 

•  if you grow egg plants, pumpkins, tomatoes or cucumbers (or anything else for that matter) and want to increase your yields, 

•  this link may not mean much to you at first but if you want your vascular age health to be younger than the number of candles on your birthday cake (and  you should) this is what you need to start using,

•  last but not least if you just want to keep your immune system strong and disease at bay.

There are different models available for home use, partitioners and professionals, and the latest model Q6000 (image below) which is scheduled for release at the end of this month.

The Q6000 model carries advanced technology within the new circuit boards, including surge and spike arrestors for reduced filtering. 

Prices will go up at midnight on the day of the actual release, currently scheduled for 30th July 2020 so it’s wise to pre-order yours right away.

The intelligent question to ask yourself is “What will my health be worth to me in the coming years?”

And remember your body rarely if ever suffers from a lack of pharmaceutical drugs.

For more information (on getting out of bed in the mornings):

Graeme Dinnen

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