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Discover How To Set Your Law To Govern Your Life, So You Can Live Life On Your Terms

How To Claim Your Liberty

Read this right away as there’s a great offer that ends tonight 31 December 2021.

Never before in history have our rights been so comprehensively attacked as they are being right now.

I’m not writing about Natural Rights, Human Rights or Civil Rights……just Rights.

What’s carefully hidden from us is the advancing agenda that’s operating through the shadows and does not have your interests at heart.

To learn how you can quite lawfully stand up to the game that’s being played against you, click the link below so you too can become the man or woman you WANT TO BE rather than a compliant citizen – a token piece in their game of Monopoly.

Until you take a stand you will always be a pawn in their game, so learn how to turn the tables sooner than later

Learn what to do and you won’t be the same person again.  Ever. That much I promise you.

You’re invited to step through a portal and begin your own journey out of the legal illusion that’s imprisoned us all since birth.

It’s time for the red pill, not the blue.

In the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy learns what’s behind the curtain, she has a coming-of-age moment. For her it’s a time of acute disenchantment, just like you and I went through when we learned the truth about Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy and other childhood fictions.

You’ll have another Santa Claus moment when you discover the same applies with so many aspects of the legal framework that surrounds us yet doesn’t apply if you know how to deal with it.

When we acknowledge that we’re surrounded by curtains is the time to make the essential changes.

The process is very simple and the support is incredible.

Amongst the many things you’ll learn are how to….

  • keep 100% of the compensation you receive for your own labour… without lying
  • protect your yourself and your family against any attack… without fighting
  • be free of those of mankind who act as agents with government titles… without hiding
  • always act in honour when solicitors are trying to incite you to fight
  • operate without the need to use legal codes, acts of parliament or statutes 
  • deal with police honourably if pulled over at the roadside 
  • protect your family property (the highest right you have)
  • write a will so everything can be passed onto your family without taxable deductions

This is information that’ll provide you with only knowledge you’ll ever need to take back control over your life.

If you do nothing else, open and read the top link.

  • Trespass No More 2 PDF – Free Download:

Online last week at ‘The Event’, The Law For Mankind became the most talked about solution. This is what people want!

The second Law For Mankind group study experience (10-modules between January to March 2022) is open for enrolment until midnight (PST) tonight (31st December 2021)

Here’s just a few of the many notes people sent in:

This is what we’ve been waiting for!

Graeme Dinnen

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