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I’m aware that humming was mentioned in a recent newsletter but I raise the subject here for good reason.

If you suffer from sinusitis or a condition involving the nasal passages, instead of getting a prescription pill that doesn’t really do much to help, click on this link to access Jonathan Goldman’s Healing Sounds for a novel way to reduce or even eliminate sinusitis and manage those pesky viruses.

In the 3-minute video, Dr Klinghardt tells us:

“….humming while exhaling.  It instantly increases nitric oxide concentration in the nasal passages and sinuses, the very tissues that COVID-19 lingers for many days before infecting other tissues…..if you quietly inhale you have a small amount of nitric oxide in the mucus membranes of your throat.  If you’re humming while exhaling it increases more than 15 times and at that dosage nitric oxide is strongly anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal.”

There’s more in Dr Klinghardt’s video that’s useful if you have or you know anyone that has sinusitis.

The Benefits of Humming
Hum a little every day…in your shower, in your kitchen, in your car.

So if you’re up for a little humming, a good start would be here: Enya’s The Humming (or plenty of other songs on YouTube)

Graeme Dinnen

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