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If you run a small business and 2020 wasn’t a good year as the result of lockdowns, read on…

In August I came across, and hooked up with something very useful.

Since then I’ve been looking into it more, partially to confirm that they bring about the results they promise.

I now see clearly how this helps small businesses get back on their feet quickly with a minimum of fuss.

In a sense it’s about marketing but in a different and far less expensive way than traditionally presented.

We’re used to companies approaching us with assurances to take our business onto the first page of Google using breakthrough techniques of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) that they’re using successfully with many other happy clients.

The trouble is that’s not really true, because participating businesses have to commit to at least 6 months of SEO work only to be given reasons why it wasn’t quite as successful as had been anticipated because Google changed it’s algorithms….or some other fabrication.

I know this because I’ve been through it too.

Google is ALWAYS changing its algorithms which is why the SEO approach has a permanent Achilles Heel.

Why the ‘old’ ways are losing their appeal

Businesses pay tens of thousands of pounds/dollars/euros on expenses that don’t drive revenue (furniture, office space, salaries…).

They even pay for things that are ‘supposed’ to drive revenue but often fail to return on that investment (TV and Radio spots). 

Yet statistics show that 35% of web searches are for local businesses.  That’s right ….local.

This means that local businesses can get customers from surrounding catchment areas and generate larger returns on investments by having their ‘Google My Business’ profile setup and managed correctly.

2021…time to change things for the better

If you haven’t heard of ‘Google My Business’, I didn’t know much about it until earlier this year.

Google My Business is a Google business listing that allows your company information to be output by Google in a multitude of different ways, including:

Audio – Video – Blogs – Articles – Slideshare

This is so much more effective than putting your ad on FaceBook or YouTube and hoping you get sales from it over and above the cost of your ad.

We can also deliver through conduits such as Yahoo Finance and at least two other 8 figure traffic sites which could be APNews (Associated Press), MarketWatch, Medium and Nasdaq.

The people I now work with approach the whole marketing game with fresh eyes.  

Tell me if you’ve ever seen this opportunity anywhere before….

Guarantees for local businesses

Google’s 3-Pack: Your business will be in the first 3 results on Google within 1-6 months with a single campaign each month or your entire investment is refunded.

Here’s Google’s old 7 Pack vs the new 3 Pack: 

Your business will be ranking within 24 hours for terms and keywords.

I’m excited by what can be done for small to medium businesses in a such a short space of time, especially in local areas.

There’s massive power behind this approach; power that can work within hours rather than days because we do all the heavy lifting.

To move this forward I set up a company called XiriMiriMedia.  Xirimiri (pronounced ‘shirimiri’)  the Basque word for ‘light rain’. Basque has so many wonderful words – there is no equivalent word for XiriMiri in Spanish. 


I cited these examples on my LinkedIn page….(I’ve just rejoined LinkedIn so you’re more than welcome to hook up with me if you like).

“….there’s the mortgage broker whose income stuck at $7m monthly sales volume; it increased to over $35m monthly sales volume with no other marketing efforts,

….and the real estate developer with 120 new homes to sell just as the pandemic started. At first they were concerned being unable to move inventory yet we helped them sell ALL homes during a 6 month campaign during lockdown.

What will this cost?

For what you get, very little….and it’s backed by that guarantee.

Watch the short video (3:23) and get involved before your competitors do.

It’s time to Captain your own ship and steer it out of the troubled waters that many businesses are in right now.

As one person put it to me recently “i decided I wasn’t going to succeed by staying in my lane”

Questions please as they arise.

Let’s make it a helluva year.

Graeme Dinnen