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I’ve listened to Dr Barrie Trower’s videos for several years.  Trouble is that many of them have been withdrawn from YouTube and Barrie himself has been discredited by official sources.

A former microwave weapons expert, he tells us what’s really going on in plain language.

His clips should be essential watching for every parent.  

Women and Children are the most vulnerable (0:37)

What they did at Greenham Common (0:51)

In another (now deleted) video Trower says “Anyone who puts WiFi into a school should be locked up for the rest of their life”.  Now the subject of WiFi damage in schools isn’t breaking news; what many aren’t aware of is how brutally damaging WiFi is to a young girl’s ovaries (open the link to the thalidomide paper below).

The 400,000 eggs a baby girl is born with are at that point undeveloped. As she grows these eggs are 10 times more susceptible to radiation than the rest of the DNA in her body.  

Your mitochondrial DNA can be traced back to your earlier ancestors and it hasn’t changed a bit.  WiFi changes this and through the damage to the ovaries all future generations will be condemned  

Unfortunately that’s nothing compared to what Barrie has to say about the introduction of 5G. 

The emerging trend is Generation Z’s declining use of social media. They are the only generation whose time on social media has fallen since 2021. And what re they switching to?

Dumbphones – mobile devices stripped of the complexities of modern smartphones; the polar opposite of being constantly online, offering basic functionalities like calling, texting, and sometimes, an FM radio, a music app or a simple game like Snake.

It’s all your children need.

Graeme Dinnen

• Here’s Barrie’s paper on Wi-Fi being the new thalidomide. You’ll find a few other Barrie Trower videos if you scroll down on this link

    • Always switch your Wi-Fi router off at night

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