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Have you ever been so impressed with your existing mattress that you bought the same one again?

I didn’t think so.

Testing a mattress in a showroom never works.  How could it?  

The mattress salesmen know that too. It’s not much different to kicking a tyre on a car you might want to buy.

If you ever hear them say ‘It’s like sleeping on a cloud…’ run a mile because it’s the most overused mattress sales metaphor. 

Beware Of The Deception

Poor Quality Mattresses Can Induce Long Term Back Pain

Don’t be fooled by the official story that radiation is harmless. That’s false information. Your ‘body electric’ is central to life; exposures to man-made radiation can and does interfere with this.

The real issue is the accumulation of radiation from dental X-rays, plane journeys, smoking cigarettes (yes your tobacco has been irradiated), the Fukushima nuclear crisis in Japan, watching TV, medical imaging etc

With the billions of wireless devices being used, EMR radiation is becoming a serious problem, and it’s growing exponentially.

Electro-Magnetic Frequencies disrupt your normal function. There’s no question there as your nervous system, muscles, brain, heart and even your retina all run on electricity.

Human beings are bio-electrical machines. And like all bio-electrical machines, they’re disrupted by incoming EMFs signals, such as those coming off your wifi router, your cell phone, the wiring in your walls, the dimmer switch and so on.

Are you surprised that stress levels are increasing?

When stress increases, cortisol levels increase exacerbating any sleep problems.

As more and more people are asking about how to protect themselves against the impact of 5G and other harmful radiation sources, especially in their homes, I’ve added a page to our website on this.

Your Nervous System And Sleep

Your nervous system doesn’t respond – it reacts and we live in such a world today that our sympathetic nervous system is dominant almost all the time we’re awake.

The sympathetic nervous system is what directs the body’s rapid involuntary response to dangerous or stressful situations. 

Sleep in critical. We all want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, awaking refreshed as sleep heals and restores. The lack of sleep leads to exhaustion and pain; all pain is inflammation.

Insomnia is not a sleep disorder as we’ve been told; poor sleep is one of the commonest CAUSES of ill health.

The only time we go into a parasympathetic state is when we’re asleep.

Sometimes called the rest and digest system, the parasympathetic system conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, and relaxes sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. 

You only heal when you sleep; you only regenerate new cells when you sleep because you’re in that parasympathetic dominant state.

In this state a flash flood of hormones boosts the body’s alertness and heart rate, sending extra blood to the muscles.

The question to ask yourself is not what’s causing your condition but what’s stopping it from healing.

Want To Enjoy Deep, Restful Sleep?

I’ll delve deeper into any health concerns you may have around mattresses in particular.

Most mattresses are made with cheap materials, the  most expensive part being the foam.  

The problems caused by cheap materials include:

  • chemical and toxin damage
  • metals in the mattress (springs) conduct radiation that wants to ground
  • static charge buildup
  • poor skin oxygenation
  • breeding ground for bacteria and fungus
  • poor spinal support/too rigid for side sleepers

There are two simple ways to test out the quality of your mattress:

• Test 1:  place a compass on the mattress, pressing it lightly into the foam to the same extent your body would press down.  Look where North is shown. The compass needle shouldn’t change as to the direction of North, but if it starts to deviate you have magnetic qualities to the coils that you wouldn’t get in nature. If the needle deviates by more than 5 degrees you need to replace that mattress.  A static buildup from friction and radiation from any nearby cell phone tower radiation will thrive here. The result is poor oxygenation to the skin, your second breathing organ.

• Test 2:  pull all the sheets back. Put your lips onto the mattress to see if you can exhale a full breath of air onto it.  If there’s an open structure within the mattress your breath should go into it easily.  If you feel as though you’re exhaling onto a plastic bag (ie no absorption in the mattress) this is evidence that you body is not oxygenating as you sleep.  Change the mattress!

What you don’t want in a mattress

  • latex 
  • memory foam (the waste product of the mattress industry)
  • silver (rare these days)
  • metal coil springs
  • electric blankets/water beds (both directly linked to miscarriages and foetal growth defects)

The business I‘m now aligned with is GEOVITAL, an Austrlan company that started as, and remains a naturopathic centre.  In recent years GEOVITAL has become the industry leader in many aspects of EMR, particularly quality mattress manufacture.

When GEOVTIAL first started investigating this field they tested 600 mattresses hoping to find one they could recommend to patients. 

They found none.

Since embarking on mattress manufacture themselves they researched and tested for a wide range of allergies and intolerances.

They also created their own foam using new production methods.

All GEOVITAL mattresses are made to order; the glue takes 3 days to dry (and is even edible for safety’s sake).

The washable Tencel cover is made from a renewable resource cellulose fibres (from trees) and has been successfully tested for skin and respiratory issues by Heidelberg University.

Most of your body is soft tissue and it’s your skeleton and muscles that gives you shape. All the pressure is on your spine. Even when you lie down the pressure remains.

The standard width of a mattress in Europe is 16cm.  GEOVITAL mattresses are 24cm 

How Much Radiation Can You Tolerate?

• Children are more prone to absorbing microwave radiation than adults because their brain tissues are more absorbent, their skulls are thinner and their relative size is smaller.

Children Need A Healthy Start To Life

• Can you believe that even the Hello Barbie doll exposes children to radiation?

• The foetus is in even greater danger than children from exposure to microwave radiation.

Sleep Is The Most Healing And Restorative of All Bodily Functions. The choice of what you do next is yours.

Graeme Dinnen

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