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Whether this happens to you on holiday or in your local area, the information is worth knowing.

One scam taking place in Asia (until the local Tourist Authorities put a stop to it) went like this:

A tourist enters a camera shop to buy a camera.

They choose whatever camera suits them and pay.

The shop assistant suggests that they draw up a fake invoice for the tourist’s return to his/her country so as to minimise any customs duty.

The tourist would usually agree.

When the tourist got back to his/her hotel they would unwrap their purchase and find that the camera they thought they’d bought had been replaced by a cheap one. They couldn’t complain because they only had an invoice for a cheap camera.

Every year petty crimes increase before Christmas.

You aren’t likely to remember all the scams listed below but the rule of thumb is to be on guard when anyone you don’t know approaches you for whatever reason…especially if they start talking to distract you.

When you walk through town, make sure your handbag is closed and don’t expose your wallet or any other valuables to pickpockets.

If you want to see how easily pickpocketing is done watch some YouTube videos on Apollo Robbins

40 Tourist Scams Click on the image to expand it.

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