Do you sleep with your mouth open?

If you do then read on because you could be causing yourself serious long term damage.

Increasing your intake of oxygen with each nostril breath can add years to your life as well as improving your physical appearance.

As you read this, your cells are suffocating. You probably aren’t aware of it but they’re gasping for air.

For one-third of the day (ie when you’re asleep) you’re not getting enough of the vital, life-giving oxygen your cells need. Why? Because you’re sleeping with your mouth open.

If you think that sounds a little weird, you definitely have to read on.

Your energy is renewed as you sleep. The storage battery of muscle energy and thought energy is not charged and re-charged by food as we’ve often been told, but in the bedroom. Food is to the human body what the soil is to a plant – merely raw material.; tissue elements, to be built into the organism, but not in any sense is it a source of life.

If, while you sleep, you’re not allowing yourself a proper intake of oxygen to your cells, your health suffers. Slowly at first but over time this builds up.

There’s a fundamental point here: oxygen is the source of life to all cells.  Your health is threatened when your body is overwhelmed with high concentrations of free radicals that cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA. Antioxidant enzymes do a great job of protecting your cells from damaging free radicals but those cells need oxygen to get the most out of the antioxidants.

They work in tandem.

Insufficient oxygen leads to below par health!

Let me put it another way: oxygen deficiency is a major cause of cellular breakdown.

Your cellular health determines the speed at which you age.

So when your cells break down, your body breaks down (with those unwelcome hormone imbalances).

You need to help your cells breathe better. You need to deliver more oxygen to your cells so they can produce more energy and operate better, for longer.

The good news is you can increase your oxygen intake in as little as 6 minutes a day.

Oxygen therapies are becoming more important than ever before. Ambulance crews regard oxygen as a lifesaver.

Starved of oxygen, the body will become ill, and, if allowed to persist we die sooner than we anticipated. The more oxygen we have within us, the more energy we produce; the more healthy we become.

It’s that simple.  It’s also time we reversed this trend.

How? Two ways:

  1. Breast feed

    This one may be too late for you but make sure it’s passed on to future members of your family. A Singapore Government report recommended people to breastfeed for longer allowing the orbicular muscles (lips) to fully develop. Bottle feeding was seen to be the root cause of open-mouth sleeping and its associated health problems.

  1. The Lip Trainer Patakara®

    …is an increasingly popular Myofunctional Therapy Device from Japan designed to help people benefit from breathing through their nose. It strengthens the lip muscles so that nose breathing even when asleep becomes normal. Used and recommended by an increasing number of dentists, doctors, hospitals and other health practitioners throughout Asia, the Lip Trainer is the simple answer to many seemingly unrelated poor health conditions. We both used to sleep with our mouth open. No longer!