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Viruses are the microscopic freeloaders of the biological world.

Imagine them as tiny squatters crashing on your couch; except instead of paying rent, they hijack your cells for their reproduction parties before vanishing into the night.

Let’s pause for a moment and address the elephant in the room. How on earth do these minuscule troublemakers pull off such grand schemes without a blueprint or a brain?

No one talks about this. Seriously. But it’s definitely a head-scratcher! How does something that’s essentially a glorified strand of genetic code manage to choreograph such a dance of destruction within your cells?

We may not have all the answers to this viral enigma, but we’ve got the basics down pat. Block their replication, and you’ve got yourself a shield or a cure. It’s like putting a lock on your door to keep those pesky guests out.

According to mainstream virologists, you have two options:

• you either cozy up to vaccines and antivirals, essentially shaking hands with Big Pharma, or

• you play the rebel card and think before you line up for the next experimental vaccination, all while government agencies, politicians, doctors, celebrities and the media try their darndest to steer you in one direction.

Your immune system is the bouncer at the door to your life, ready to kick out any rowdy viruses that dare to cause trouble. Most viruses aren’t the Terminator; they’re more like harmless background noise in the grand symphony of our microbiome.

So let’s raise a glass to our immune system, the unsung hero keeping the peace in our biological neighbourhood! Or you can ignore your immune system and vaccinate.

A medical journalist Pillai wrote something that made sense to me:

“When a virus is injected into your bloodstream it’s already bypassed several of your body’s natural defense systems. If you were to come into contact with a bacteria in a natural setting, it is first introduced into the body through the throat and nasal passages, but with a vaccine it’s injected directly into the system.  Basically you’re chronically sick all your life. You may not feel bad, but your body will always see that virus in your bloodstream. If you got the measles naturally, it would only be in the bloodstream for the length of the illness, but once you’re injected with it, the body will detect that germ for the rest of your life.”

If you believe that the COVID days are behind you I invite you to think again.  My view is that they were merely a practice run for what’s to come. The NHS is already advertising for the next batch of dancers so you can clap hands again as you become locked down yet again. 

Read the middle paragraph ad below. “…in preparation for Disease X” ?

What can you do?  You’re NOT powerless unless you choose to be. Anita Roddick hit the nail on the head when she wrote: If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try going to bed with a mosquito.”

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Graeme DInnen

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