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The 528 Hz frequency, also known as the ‘Love Frequency’ is a harmonic of Nature.

When a cat purrs, it does so at a frequency between 25 – 150Hz. This releases nitric oxide and a peptide that kills harmful bacteria such as e.coli.

Here’s an example:

Purring also reduces inflammation, grows new blood vessels, promotes deep rest and faster healing. If cats can self repair vibrationally, imagine what we humans can do.

Swedish researchers discovered that humming stimulates the release of nitric oxide in the nasal cavity. Nitric oxide is an essential molecule, acknowledged in 1992 as “Molecule of the Year” for its profound impact on the immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems. 

By dilating blood vessels, Nitric Oxide stimulates blood flow and reduces blood pressure.

In an intriguing study, a Jungian psychologist played a recording of bee sounds to a beehive suffering from colony collapse disorder. The sound of the healthy bees’ humming created a vibrational resonance that helped restore the distressed hive back to normalcy.

She also related many instances of the healing power of the humming bees among her clients.

Everything in the universe pulsates at a frequency. When our energy is low, it’s because we’re vibrating at a lower frequency than usual.

Different frequencies offer varied benefits across a wide variety of applications. In telecommunications, high frequencies enable faster data transmission, essential for modern technologies like 5G.

Low frequencies, with their longer wavelengths, excel at long-distance broadcasting, such as AM radio and submarine communication. 

In medicine, different frequencies are used for imaging techniques: high-frequency ultrasound provides detailed images of soft tissues, while low-frequency waves penetrate deeper into the body. 

Sound waves, when matched to an object’s resonant frequency, can shatter it with sufficient amplitude. This phenomenon is seen when for example singers shatter glass with High C, when the walls of Jericho crumbled at the sound of horns and the incidence in 1940 of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington where the deck swung back and forth in a twisting motion that gradually tore the deck apart.

The power of vibration and frequency is vast and varied, offering remarkable potential across fields and inspiring a deeper understanding of how we can harness these natural phenomena for healing and beyond.

In terms of exceptional equipment that helps to remedy many poor health conditions, the Avazzia equipment operates at frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 1500Hz, offering a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications.  In 2015 Scientific Medicine ran a front cover story on microcurrent technology as “The medicine of the future“.

A Hospital In Your Hand:

Similarly, the Vielight equipment utilises specific frequencies to upgrade neurofeedback training, which helps the brain react differently to stimuli and modify an individual’s response patterns, especially in cases of dementia.

Defeating Cognitive Decline: 

Exceptional sports applications:

Tuning forks work on exactly the same principle.

Tuning Forks

For a deeper understanding of this topic, I recommend listening to Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Created several years ago, this clip stands out as one of the most compelling explanations on the subject, especially in relation to the 528Hz frequency that is nearly the precise centre of the entire electromagnetic spectrum.

The 528 Frequency….and more.

Graeme Dinnen

‘The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness’ by Jonathan Goldman and Andi Goldman is available here

(With thanks to getsoundrx on Facebook for the cat purring information)

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