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One Week Sale…..

By November 26, 2020No Comments

One week sale…..December and January and maybe some free time is upon us.  Perfect to take on those projects we see lots of people taking action, including families where we did home assessments.

For 1 week only and limited to 2,000 purchases globally you can enjoy a 10% saving on orders over $100 without the need for a home assessment:

• Mattresses

• T98 Shielding Paint

• NOVA Fabric

• Amateur Meters

• Professional GEOVITAL Meters

• and even COURSES !

It’s a great time to do something good for yourself and take action to improve your environment. If we run out of stock, we’ll order it in for you and let you know. 

With exception of Australia, most of our orders are shipped from Austria directly to you and delivery for countries outside Europe is likely around the 4 week mark. 

When course seats sell out, there will be no more.

When in the store, use code: BLACKT98

Go to the store

Offer closes Tuesday 1st December 5am LA = 8am New York = 1pm UK = 5pm Dubai = 11pm Melbourne

Have a home assessment done within 6 months and save more

We have always preached that a home assessment should form the basis of any mitigation and home improvements because you want to know all the facts and develop a strategy that makes sense and you have a trained professional who knows your home and can guide you through the improvements.

This opinion will never change and as you notice on the website, we don’t hide that HEALTH CLIENT PRICING is available to our on-site assessment clients. Our website isn’t actually there to sell, but rather to stress the importance of a home assessment.

Access to HEALTH CLIENT PRICING means a 15% discount on the retail prices of many of the items on our store, including shielding paint, fabric, mesh and mattresses.

In light of this, we have offers for you:

If you have an on-site home assessment done with one of our consultants within 6 months from now we’ll refund you the extra 5% on applicable products.

Head over to the store and get a great deal now

Use Code: BLACKT98

Already had a home assessment done by one of our consultants?

Then you can access our solutions at Health Client Pricing which is even better, but you need your Health Client Code. Ask your consultant for it or reply to this email and ask for it (please mention who did the assessment so we can verify and follow it up for you)

What is not available with the discount?

Lots are included but excluded are:

Shielded Cable and Geopathic Stress mats (already at health client pricing) and not available without assessment.

Make some changes in your life. ‘Today’ is always a good time, but this ‘today’ is extra attractive.

Patrick van der Burght

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