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Let’s open the year with a clarification of our purpose.

From 1997 to 2000, we operated as the New Rock Healing Centre, nestled on a picturesque 10-acre property just outside the village of Dymock in Gloucestershire. The roots of this property trace back to the 1640s, an era marked by the English Civil War and Oliver Cromwell’s indelible imprint on history.

At ‘New Rock” we offered a variety of therapies, products and a range of residential courses in the old barn that was lovingly restored using only natural timbers and finishings.

Today, our purpose has undergone a transformative journey. After years spent in California, Chichester, and Bali, we now find ourselves in Cornwall. Our primary focus is empowering individuals to know more about their health and take any remedial steps from the comfort of their homes. We strive to achieve this by:

  • a way to prevent conditions from forming in the first place, or 
  • get permanent relief from conditions that may have become long term.

Given the escalating onslaught against the natural approaches to wellness, it’s become imperative to learn at least the basic skills before this valuable knowledge has been totally suppressed.

Our old ways remain precious but we’re merely pursuing a different approach. Instead of providing answers in the form of vitamins, herbs, ointments or  therapy-by-appointment, we offer a new experience. 

Immediate answers are not the same as long term solutions. In a similar way, reading a book and skipping to the end to find out the plot twist is like taking a pill. Life isn’t necessarily about reaching instant goals; it’s about the ongoing process and the adventures along the way.

Our approach empowers readers to navigate their own journeys by considering new ideas to tackle challenging health issues head on, many of which are brought about by the many modern causes of reduced energy and increased stress.

For example:

  • the QEnergySpa has been described as “a human battery recharger putting the spark back into life”. Dealing with improving energy levels and boosts your bio-energy at the crucial cellular level. This, in turn, magnifies the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Energy NEVER tires, only we do. The missing piece in the deteriorating health puzzle is simple and deals with the basis for disease. It is simply a lack of energy.
  • The Avazzia equipment – a genuine game-changer in pain relief, offering a spectrum of possibilities, from Vagus nerve stimulation to bone and ligament repair, from inducing restful relaxation as a prelude to sleep to reducing the impact of dementia, PTSD, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and drug-resistant depression. In 2015 Scientific Medicine ran a front cover story on microcurrent as: “The medicine of the future: answer to diabetes and maybe the answer to cancer”. The hand held units of Avazzia have since attracted the nickname “A Hospital In Your Hand”.
  • The Vielight emerges as a robust solution to stave off mental deterioration, courtesy of neuroscience and photobiomodulation brain stimulation. In the realm of brain health, where pharmaceuticals fall woefully short, treating only the symptoms and neglecting the root cause (inflammation), the Vielight approach fills the void. A study in ‘Frontiers in Medical Technology’ unveils a groundbreaking understanding of how living cells, cellular structures, and components respond to near-infrared light therapy, offering more than a beacon of hope in the realm of cognitive well-being.
  • And there’s a host of valuable storieson dealing with the invisible assault of radiation, using quality tuning forks, why you should put essential oils on your belly button and the reasons for being extremely wary of using sunscreen lotions.
  • Plus an increasing section of inexpensive ebooks on specific conditions. 
  • And our fledgling bookshop with titles that include:
      • Become Your Own Health Messiah
      • Mental Health
      • Nature
      • Exceptional Food & Drink
      • Riveting Reads
      • Marketing & Money

The information we provide is all designed to help people navigate through unfamiliar territories. The links above will take you to the respective websites where you can investigate further. if any questions arise feel free to email me.

The joy comes from the unfolding plot so we can piece together the evidence for ourselves in the right sequence. That’s what we offer.

Graeme Dinnen

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