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These are attractive discounts that you don’t want to miss out on, especially as the equipment will help save you from unnecessary health conditions as well as a fortune in supplements and medicines.

Sale prices are shown when you open the link and click on the product. If you can’t easily locate what you’re looking for, key the product name into the Search field.

Avazzia Microcurrent Devices: (Look under Microcurrent Therapy).

●   Avazzia Life Pinnacle Deluxe Kit and receive a FREE GIFT

●   Scalar Qi ($1395 Value)

● Via Qi ($1395 Value)

●    Avazzia Life Evolution Standalone OR Kit and receive a FREE GIFT

● 6″ X 12′ Qi Wave ($400 Value)

●   Avazzia Life Genesis Deluxe Kit and receive a FREE GIFT

● Mitochondrial Recharge Kit ($134 Value)

●    PEMF Units (Via Qi and Qi Wave ): 15% off.

●    Scalar Qii: 15% off (Save $209.25).

All Microcurrent Accessories: 12% off

Facial Rejuvenation: (Under Microcurrent Therapy > Cosmetic Microcurrent Devices)

●    Ezzi-Lift devices and kits: 20% off

●    Ezzi-Lift with Light Therapy (NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE): 20% off

Wellness Products and Tools: (under ‘EMF Protection’ and ‘Wellness‘)

●     Sana Blankets 22% off (Save over $150) ●    Sana Theraputics Anti-Bacterial /Anti Viral Air Purifier Unit: 15% off.

●     Floww EMF Protection Products: 18% off ●    MEAD-20 System : 15% off

Microcurrent Education: (under Training and Events)

Certified Pain Resolution Specialist Certification Tuition at The Sana Institute: Pay in Full & SAVE 20% + Get Limited Time Bonuses

Start planning your shopping by filling your cart with whatever you’d like. That way, all you need to do is check out on Friday to get all the deals – they’ll automatically apply once the sale goes live!

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