Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease


Welcome to “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease”, the comprehensive guide to looking after the health of your mouth better than ever before.

As 90% of all adults in the Western world suffer from some sort of gum disease you need to learn what you SHOULD be doing as much as what you SHOULDN’T be doing. Whether you have recurring gum troubles, bad breath or tooth decay or you just wanting to get some useful tips on keeping yourself more healthy, you’ll pick up valuable insights and practical advice such as:

  • prevent gum disease and tooth decay at home (it’s common sense!)
  • the best mouthwash to use (you already have it)
  • stop plaque forming in your mouth EVERY DAY
  • minimising the relentless pain of toothache
  • beware the dangers of many teeth whitening methods
  • who are you kissing?
  • root canal treatments – why are they not as safe as your dentist tells you?
  • stop the wool being pulled over your eyes by unethical dental practices

As most of this can be done by you at home, you’ll be in a position to save a fortune at the dentist EVERY  YEAR.



In 2004 I made an appointment to see a Holistic Dental Practitioner dentist in the outskirts of London. Once in his reclining chair, an X-ray was taken and I was told that one tooth needed to be removed and replaced by a root canal treatment.

I got out of the chair, expressed considerable disappointment that his recommendation was not even close to being holistic and left the practice.

A year later I met with Dr Elmar Jung whose knowledge, experience and generous help prompted me to write this ebook.

The purpose of “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease” is prevention. Dentists are taught these days to repair rather than prevent because they believe they’ll lose money if patients didn’t need some remedial work done, however slight, at each appointment.

I take the opposite view. If a dentist built a good reputation for honest, preventive work he/she would have a queue around the block of people wanting to become patients.

Given that the plaque in your mouth and the mercury in your fillings could slowly leak into your bloodstream, it’s more important than ever for us to become our own Messiah.

30 day Guarantee – if you didn’t find the ebook worth every penny, we’ll return your pennies.  But first you have to look into a mirror, put your hand on your heart and ask yourself if you’re genuine.  Works for me.

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