Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease


In this ebook, you’ll learn how to…

  • Master the basics of preventing gum disease and tooth decay at home (it’s common sense!)
  • Know what you should know before making any dental appointment
  • Stop the wool being pulled over your eyes by being offered unethical dental practices

The net result will be a greater degree of wisdom and a fortune saved at the dentist EVERY SINGLE YEAR from now on.



In 2004 I made an appointment to see a Holistic Dental Practitioner dentist in the outskirts of London. Once in his reclining chair, an X-ray was taken and I was told that one tooth needed to be removed and replaced by a root canal treatment.

I got out of the chair expressed some annoyance that his recommendation was not even close to being holistic and left the practice never to return.

A year later I met with Dr Elmar Jung whose knowledge, experience and generous help prompted me to write this ebook.

The purpose of “Brushing and Flossing Causes Gum Disease”? Prevention. These days dentists are taught to repair rather than prevent because they believe they’d lose money if clients didn’t need to make appointments for little or nothing to be done.

I take the opposite view. If a dentist built a good reputation for honest, preventive work he/she would have more patients than ever.

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