Fear of Dental Treatment


Babies are born with only two fears – those of falling and loud noises.  Every other fear is learned and can therefore be unlearned.

This meditation will go a long way to unlearning any fear you have around dental treatments, unfortunately one of those fears that persists today, often as the result of unfortunate childhood experiences.



Why People May Fear Dental Treatments

There are several reasons why people may fear dental treatments:

  1. Pain: Some people fear the perceived pain dental treatments. The thought of having a tooth drilled or pulled can be  distressing for some.
  2. Loss of control: Being in the dental chair can make some people feel like they are losing control of the situation. This shouldn’t be the case as dentists have rigorous training, yet some patients still feel uncomfortable with the idea of someone else hovering over their mouth with drills, dental probes, syringes and of course X-rays.
  3. Past negative experiences: Some patients may had negative experiences with dental treatments in the past, such as a traumatic procedure or a dentist who was not gentle or understanding. These experiences can create a fear of future treatments.
  4. Embarrassment: Some people may feel embarrassed about the state of their teeth or gums, and may be afraid of being judged by the dentist or dental staff.
  5. Sensory issues: Some people may have sensory issues such as a fear of needles or aversions to certain smells, sounds or tastes that can make the dental treatment experience uncomfortable.
  6. Anxiety or phobia: Some people may have a specific phobia or anxiety disorder that makes them feel intense fear or panic in certain situations, such as dental treatments.

It’s important to address these fears and anxiety to ensure that dental treatments can be carried out efficiently, effectively and safely.