Defeat Cognitive Decline

Improving Brain Performance and Defeating Cognitive Decline

We haven’t yet developed the wherewithal to grow ourselves a new brain but the next best option might be to have a complete  brain refurbish.

Your blood-brain barrier does a great job in keeping unwanted particles from lodging in brain but these days with the constant assault it gets, some ‘nasties’ do get through – oral plaque for example that travels into the brain and contributes to cognitive decline in later years.

I’m writing about the Vielight family of devices that have been shown to pull patients out of dementia states and help  those suffering from Parkinson’s with that visible shaking.

This includes recovery from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), conquering Post Traumatic Demoralisation Syndrome (PTDS), bringing meditative transcendent states and controlling fear while fighting major diseases.

I know this first hand – I’ve used the Vielight Neuro successfully within my family…..thankfully.

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Defeat Cognitive Decline

There are plenty of gadgets available to bring about relaxing or pleasant sensations but they are trivial at best; nothing comes close to the heavy-duty solutions provided by the Vielight devices.

All this has been made possible through the up and coming field of neuroscience and brain stimulation called photobiomodulation (PBM).

In the world of brain photobiomodulation technology and research, Vielight is way ahead of the field with technology that offers several advantages over other photobiomodulation devices giving users an unparalleled advantage for comprehensive brain stimulation.
Your body’s mitochondria are particularly receptive to this process.- mitochondria are the batteries that fire up each and every one of your cells…so vital for restoring and maintaining youthful energy levels.
There’s a choice of Vielight devices available and comparisons are made on their website.  If you need help to make a decision, simply email me and I’ll go through the pros and cons of each with you.
Use the coupon code RFLBIO for a discount of 10% on all your Vielight purchases.
A study by ‘Frontiers in Medical Technology’ was recently undertaken.  The study was the result of collaborative work between researchers from the University of Alberta and Vielight Inc., Canada and  produced a new understanding of the way that living cells, cellular structures, and components such as microtubules and tubulin respond to near-infrared photobiomodulation (NIR PBM).
Here is what the research team says in the conclusion of the published paper: “While in the literature there are well-documented physiological outcomes of PBM reported, such as improved mental function, the underlying modulation of molecular structures and cellular interactions are far more complex and interesting. The observed behaviors reported in this work regarding cells and cellular structures exposed to low-intensity PBM prompted us to introduce mechanisms that involve tubulin particle diffusion and the restructuring of interfacial water layers. Clearly, more work needs to be done to gain a better understanding of these effects of PBM on human physiology. Ultimately, this improved knowledge can only enhance the precision of personalizing PBM parameters for better outcomes in the future.” 

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