Le Guerandais Sel de Guerande


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Gros Sel Guerande is sometimes referred to as the light grey salt, Sel de Guerande or Sel Moulin

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The red Label Rouge logo is is a French quality label created in 1960. It is designed to guarantee that the agricultural or food product you’re buying is of a superior quality or made with more rigorous standards than one that does not carry the label,. Label Rouge isn’t a brand, but a sign of distinction that guides the consumer.

Gros Sel Guerande is harvested in late summer.  These are the largest of the Celtic Sea Salt crystals and are best in soups, sauces or foods that are simmered.

“We followed your advice – my son just had his first bath with the unrefined sea salt and wow he texted me excitedly saying “you wouldn’t believe the results my skin is so much better and the red marks have almost gone”.  P.M.  North Yorkshire

We’re often reminded of the words of wisdom written by Jacques de Lange: ”If you change anything in your kitchen change your salt”

Many years ago I rented a beach home in Kingscote on Kangaroo Island, Australia. In the kitchen was a tank containing half a dozen lethargic looking fish.  I took a healthy pinch of Sel de Guerande and sprinkled it on top of the water.  It wasn’t long before these fish showed a new lease of life.  All they needed was the minerals!

How To Make Sole

Sole is simply a saturated solution of salt water:

1. Find a clean small jar with a lid.  Any jam jar will do.

2. Fill it almost to the top with clean filtered water.

3. Add two or three teaspoonfuls of grey “Sel de Guerande” and shake it until the salt is dissolved.

4. Keep on adding and shaking until the last amount does not dissolve and leaves some sediment at the bottom of the jar.

You now have your 26% concentrate of saturated salt solution, which is quite stable and will keep well.

Every day before breakfast take one teaspoon of the Sole and mix it with a glass of filtered or pure water.  Drinking your Sole on an empty stomach allows the benefits to stimulate the stomach, intestines and entire digestive system within minutes.  It also acts as a good mouth cleanse.

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