Lip Trainer


An increasingly popular device designed for strengthening the lips to bring about the many health benefits associated with nose breathing.  According to a study carried out in Singapore, ‘weak’ lips are often the result of bottle feeding; stronger lip result from breast feeding.

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Increases cerebral blood flow benefiting conditions including Down Syndrome – behavioural issues – attacks of epilepsy – stroke conditions – creation of synapses in newborns – mental alertness – aphasia – dementia (Alzheimers and Parkinson’s) – brain damage – mental rehabilitation.

Activate facial expressions: Bell’s Palsy – drooling – bleeding from the gums while brushing – bad breath – mouth ulcers – excess phlegm – dry mouth – teeth grinding – sagging face – double chin – stiff neck – fine wrinkles – TMJ (Temporomandibular) disorders such as alignment of teeth.

Co-ordinates the movement of tongue and throat benefiting conditions including speech and articulation disorders – swallowing disorders – snoring – sleep apnea (OSAS) – breathing difficulties – blocked nose – hypertension – irregular heartbeat.

Boosts parasympathetic nervous system benefiting conditions including common colds – unidentified coughs – shallow sleep – toilet visits at night – bedwetting – atopic eczema – bowel and bladder issues – asthma attacks – menopause – depleted immunity – rheumatism – diabetes and blood sugar levels – kidney conditions – Sjogren’s Syndrome (an immune system disorder).

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