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To survive the transition we need a shift in thinking

Size does matter! So it seems, does visibility.

In ‘Radiation-Free Living’ I’m trusting that people who are paying attention come away with some AH-HA! moments and insights they may not have had before.

In the paragraphs below I’m writing not so much about the impact of radiation but what you can do to minimise the damage before you wish you’d done something sooner.

– – – – –

It’s not breaking news that the deployment of 5G cellular technology is a massive experiment on the health of all species to the extent that what you can’t see WILL HURT YOU.

What’s being allowed to take place is at best frightening and should be of grave concern to the public, particularly anyone with children. 

The laundry list of medical issues in every single category of health is simply unbelievable.

The problem is that short-range, high-frequency radio waves are invisible, and so denying any resultant harm has become both easy and commonplace for culpable corporations and compliant governments.

We’ve been mentally conditioned to expect speed. The Internet is no longer the dial-up experience that was once new and exciting. 

Today it’s a service that we expect to work incredibly fast.  No one wants to wait even 30 seconds for their Starbucks discount code to load while at the Barista counter.

If you’re comfortable with who or what you believe about the damage Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR) is doing to you, your family, the resale value of your home or even the appeal of homes you rent out, read no further.

I’ll show the rest of you what’s at stake from two perspectives:

1. HOMES:  you’re about to buy a house, everything looks fine and you want to go ahead with the purchase. At the last moment you’re made aware from a pre-purchase inspection or a home assessment that there’s a worrying level of electro smog present and a proximity to transmission lines you didn’t appreciate the dangers of. 

Homes can be plagued by a relentless exposure to voltage (the presence of electricity) and magnetic fields (the flow of electricity).        

The common damage within many homes is the presence of nearby cell phone towers and the poor configuration of electrical wiring within the walls. Add to that the daily usage of electrical items within – washing machines, microwaves, SMART meters, SMART TVs, baby monitors, electrical alarm clocks, bedside lamps, gaming consoles, energy saving lightbulbs…and that’s before we factor in daily cell phone usage.         

If you wouldn’t buy a ‘sick’ home why would you carry on living in one?      

OK if you’re already living in a home when you discover the same high exposure to electro smog, would you wait until a family member develops a tumour, becomes diabetic or suffers persistent headaches before doing something to address the problem?

[In case you didn’t know, the word ’SMART’ on your new electrical equipment doesn’t mean clever or “showing a quick-witted intelligence”. It stands for Secret Militarised Applications in Residential Technology.] 

2. MEDICAL: there’s precious little chance you’ll ever resolve a long term or poor health condition if, after visiting your doctor or therapist, you return to a toxic home or bedroom that could be the very cause or at least contributing to the problem in the first place.      

The closer you live to a cell tower, the higher your blood glucose. We also know that Electro Magnetic Radiation can change the shape of a developing foetus, cause miscarriages in women, DNA damage, cardiomyopathy (congestive heart failure), psychiatric effects (hallucinations, mood swings, anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances and apathy) as well as a variety of mental health problems (suicides, violence, shootings, dependence on opioids).   

Brain cancer is now the No # 1 cancer for children. With mobile phones, high usage is considered to be 30 minutes a day. What would a build-in TV bed do to your child’s regenerative sleep?

Anti-Radiation Gadgets

You simply cannot offset radiation damage to you or your home by sticking a small patch to the back of your phone or by wearing some form of pendant necklace around your neck. 

This would be delusional. 

While there may be some provable local benefit to these, with the arrival of 5G, you’ll suffer from a false sense of protection because your mitochondria (those structures that power your cells) will constantly be in defensive mode….and that will drain your life force.      

Yet we live in a culture where the band-aid solution rules supreme in almost every category of society.  Is it any wonder our ability to solve ‘downstream’ problems by going ‘upstream’ to the source is virtually nonexistent?

Effective Solutions

There’s a bandwagon out there that many companies and marketers are jumping on. Some good, some questionable, many to spend your money on with little discernible benefit.

From the very start you need to know the extent and the cause of what you’re being exposed to.

At the end of this article is a link to the GeoVital website, Health Stronghold.  For over 35 years GeoVital has focussed with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between radiation exposure and its adverse impact on our health. 

Even weak environmental influences affect the regeneration of the body and its ability to fight disease, significantly jeopardising the basis for our health.

With the successful health recovery of patients as our primary goal, we developed our own technology and our own approach. 

We treat the causes, not the symptoms!

“The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland predicted that by the year 2025, half the population of Ireland will suffer from some form of cancer” Mast Sanity

What You Can Do About It 

We can’t all return to the older ways of living or relocate to an isolated area but we can restore some much needed balance in our lives.

To start off with I’d recommend looking through the website with particular focus on what I’ve suggested below.

For 1 week only ending Sunday 26th July 6am LA  –  9am New York –  2pm UK  –  3pm South Africa – 5pm Dubai –  9pm Singapore – 11pm Melbourne
….and limited to 20,000 purchases globally. You enjoy a 10% saving on orders over $100 without the need for a home assessment on nearly everything in the store….

Mattresses – T98 Shielding Paint – NOVA Fabric – Amateur Meters, Professional GEOVITAL Meters and even COURSES (!)

To grab a great deal now, do 2 things….

1. Register using this form to get your Coupon Code. 

and be tagged for potential future benefits.

2. Then, go to the store.

If you need any help please email me

A Word on Mattresses

Metal bed frames and mattress with inbuilt metal springs will increase any electric field in the bedroom.  You want to avoid that.  If you’re at that point where you’re considering replacing your mattress, ridding your metal bed frame and having a mattresses without metal springs goes a long way to kick-starting your recovery while sleeping.                                                            

The problems found with most shop-bought mattresses include:        

• intolerant reactions from chemicals and toxins

• metal in mattresses attracts radiation from nearby transmitters and   electric fields in walls

• harmful static buildup 

• poor oxygen of the skin

• breeding ground for bacteria and fungus

• poor spinal support     

• too rigid for chest side sleepers

• covers can’t be washed

• an assortment of deceptive marketing gimmicks such as ‘natural’                   

In the UK 3 known carcinogens are added to mattresses to cope with falling asleep in bed while smoking. In the US they test mattresses with a blow torch and add fire-retardants. Mattresses without the addition of certain toxic components can only be sold with a doctor’s prescription (that’s something we can help with).  In choosing a mattress you want anti-static material and NO METAL SPRINGS  

There are also pillows on which you can lay your head without worry.

You’ll be able to purchase products with a discount even without a home assessment, although if you have an assessment in the next 6 months, we’ll refund you the difference, so it’s still sensible to have an assessment carried out.

The grim reality won’t change but, based on your mindset and behaviour, your outcome will be radically different.

Just look at the site and fill in the registration form you’ll become aware of what is needed these days to protect yourself from the invisible enemy that corporations and governments around the world maintain doesn’t exist.

Thankfully we know better, and by knowing better we can remain one step ahead.

1. Register using this form to get your Coupon Code. 

and be tagged for potential future benefits.

2. Then, go to the store.

More information about home assessments:
Getting your home investigated by a professional is the logical first step to mitigating your exposure in the home and bedroom. Once the assessment has been completed you’ll know the extent of the problem you’re facing in terms of nearby cell phone towers, wall wiring, damage from SMART meters and TV’s, the presence of dirty electricity and importantly, how safe your sleeping area is. The assessment by a professional should be the basis for any mitigation. Read what is involved here:

Pre-Purchase Inspections:
Before buying a home or committing to renting one, you should have it checked by a professional regardless whether or not you measured exposure levels yourself with an amateur meter. It is a big decision and worth getting it right. Read here for more information. 

Radiation-Free Building information:
The same problems and EMF radiation exposure keeps being found in new homes, because the exposure is unknowingly ‘built in’. Much of this can be avoided and at a much lower cost than down the track by working to build radiation-free. To find out more about this process, build your knowledge from this page:

Let’s get as many invisible elephants out of the room as we can. 

Graeme Dinnen 

Should you want to find out what the power density levels are in your country, click on the ‘Take Back Your Power’ video and scroll forward to 44:30.  You’ll be shocked at what’s being approved in your name!

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