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I’ve raised this topic before, yet the magnitude of the issue makes it impossible for me to disregard the present and ever-increasing dangers.

I’m not going to list the many harmful effects of WiFi. I’ve done that several times. But let’s talk about one golden rule: “Your router should NOT be placed on your workspace or near a place where you sit regularly.”

It’s like the modern version of “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Only now it’s “Don’t put all your electromagnetic radiation in one corner.” It doesn’t seem harmful until your router decides to start microwaving your brain cells during a Netflix binge.

SWITCH IT OFF every night.

This was our bedroom in Canggu, Bali. When I first took measurements there what did I find? My meter was dancing like crazy, hitting levels I didn’t want to see.

We’re talking 900μV to 1100μV (a fancy way of writing MicroVolts) when a ‘safe’ EMF reading below 30μV is what we wanted to see.

After the installation of a GeoVital Nova canopy (hanging above the bed) the readings were reduced to approx 18μV to 22μV.

We slept safe and well under this protection.

I tried this out in a nearby friend’s bedroom. He and his wife’s scepticism disappeared when they saw the measurement of 5800μV to 6000μV – so high their bedroom was secretly training to become a radio tower.

This was the cause of their restless nights.

For years I’ve listened the valuable advice from Dr Barrie Trower.  Sadly his videos have mostly been deleted from YouTube (but not Vimeo). He’s been labelled a “conspiracy theorist” and wholly discredited because he was becoming too much of a thorn in the sides of corporations with vested interests.

What is a conspiracy theorist?  Merely a person who questions the statements of known liars.

  • For the sake of your little ones, hang in there till the end of this one, okay?  Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Health (14:20)
  • Radioactive Barbie: Believe it or not, even our chatty friend, the Hello Barbie doll, has a little secret. She’s got some low-key radiation vibes that’ll raise an eyebrow or two, especially where your kids are involved. See the image below – 307uV is way too high for children to be around.

Graeme Dinnen

Radioactive Barbie

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