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I learned how to use chopsticks early in my childhood.

Living in Hong Kong, chopsticks were what we ate most of our meals with….especially rice.

Back then chopsticks were made of either wood of plastic. Today plastic has been dropped in favour of wood.

As for recycling all that soft wood, the smart thinkers are revolutionising the approach.

Used chopsticks – an increasingly valuable commodity

“Twice a week, two team members spend an entire day travelling to 100 restaurants and three hospitals around Singapore picking up our trash — hundreds of thousands of used chopsticks.

They then upcycle these into gorgeous furniture…“ We have always thought that Singapore lacked natural resources. Actually, we do have resources.

It is our trash.

On a farm, you produce and harvest crops. In a city, where we have so many humans closely packed together, what you produce is waste. If you are creative, you can transform this waste into resources. That is what ‘urban harvesting‘ is about

See how micro-factory ChopValue Singapore turns used chopsticks into furniture and more.

What enterprising mind reading this is going to come up with a brainwave for something similar?

Graeme Dinnen

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