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Our NOVA Shielding Canopy

Last week I received the canopy I’d ordered from Austria and had it installed above our bed.


Now we have our safe haven installed, the difference in our sleeping patterns has been considerable.

Instead of waking up sporadically during the night, we now doze off quickly and sleep through until first light. 

We’re in a rented villa here in Bali and for the first month here I’d wake up feeling utterly exhausted.  

The cause?  Electro Magnetic Radiation    5G networks produce radio-frequency waves called EMRs.

These waves are responsible for a greater risk of cancer, cellular stress, an increase in genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.

This also includes harmful effects to both plant and animal life.

The bedroom in so many homes seems to have become a place where magnetic and electrical disturbances come together.

This could result from poor wiring in the walls, metal springs in the mattresses, radio alarm clocks (there’s a transformer in them) bedside lamps plugged in, cordless or mobile phones on the bedside tables as we sleep, as well as any cell phone towers or proximity to an airport (I never stay in airport hotels!).

Wireless radiation has become the new tobacco. It is toxic to our cells as well as carcinogenic, the highest risk group being children. 

The human body has simply not evolved to live with these perilous frequencies.

Want to reduce radiation in your home right away?

  • At night and when not in use, get into the habit of switching off AND unplugging devices such as WiFi routers, game consoles, Apple TV’s, DVD players, sports equipment because these all emit Radio Frequencies, even when switched off.
  • Use a battery alarm clock; please don’t leave your cell phone on the bedside table for any reason
  • Keep your cell phone on flight mode when not in use
  • replace all metal objects in your bedroom (lamps, bed frame, coil spring mattresses)
  • Cell phone usage over 30 minutes a day is considered excessive.Seriously
  • Use a landline phone if you still have one; using a cordless phone is as bad as having a cell phone tower in your lounge
  • don’t just stop using your microwave oven – throw it out.  They operate at the same frequency as your WiFi 2.4 Gigahertz and above. And never, never heat the baby’s milk with a microwave.

What you should also consider:

  • beware of everything with the word SMART on it. The initials SMART stand for ‘Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Technology’.  You get it!
  • absolutely minimise your use of bluetooth
  • electric toothbrushes are great but they emit EMF radiation in extremely high amounts that you should reconsider even using one
  • Consider switching back to Ethernet cables – so much safer

As people become more and more aware of the increasing dangers of radiation and open to the effective remedies available, I’ll cover a different subject of radiation over the next few months.

The canopy – definitely one our more intelligent investments.  More sleep gives you more insulin which is absolutely vital in keeping those conditions that we associate with old age at bay

In the video below, the HF Digimeter shows the amount of radiation being absorbed into Phylipa’s body when she holds the metal antenna.

Watch the video now (4:50) and see how you can benefit from having your own safe haven.  Forgive the occasional background noise – workmen are building a house nearby.

Click here for more details on the canopy itself

Graeme Dinnen

PS I rarely use my cell phone its mere proximity can be harmful so I treated myself to a phone pouch with RF radiation shielding. I bought a cheap pouch years ago and rarely used it.  This one is something I will treasure years to come.

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