The Thousand Year Journey: Oregon To Patagonia

The 1000 Year Journey

The 1000 Year Journey

To create some extra space on my laptop I combed through some old files to see what could be discarded. There was plenty!

Some files I deleted without much thought; others I was more careful with. The title of one particular film clip intrigued me: ‘The Thousand Year Journey’  I opened it and was immediately reminded that this was something quite special.

Spoiler alert:  “When you're a kid, everything is astonishing. Everything is new. So your brain is awake and turned on. Every passing second, your brain is learning something new, learning how the world works. The muscle of your brain is activated.

And as you get older, and you brain has figured out the patterns of the way the world works - this is how I make money - this is how you graduate school - this is how you get a mortgage - this is how you have kids - I've got that unlocked and and I know my car and how to go to work everyday and I gotta check out. All these things.

And once your brain established a routine it stops. The alertness goes away. The fascination with the way the world works. I think that's what travel in general does: it wakes up your brain.”

The Thousand Year Journey (4:13)

The creator, Jedidiah Jenkins wrote that his most important mentor was director Tom Shadyac (director of Ace VenturaLiar LiarThe Nutty ProfessorPatch Adams etc). “[Tom] absolutely, 100%, possibly more than anyone else alive today, changed my life.”

With such an accolade I had to look Tom up.  It seems that after a bicycling accident Tom had a life revelation where he’s saying, “I wanna do things that matter. I want to contribute to the lives of human beings and to the planet that we all share,” 

So Shadyac made a documentary called I Am (1hour 19mins and well worth it) and wrote a book called Life’s Operating Manual.

I watched I Am from beginning to end. If the film is not available here (sometimes it’s taken down), it’s available on Netflix; otherwise keep trying until it appears again.  It will rewire your attitudes and the way you look at your life. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, you have a story. It deserves to be told.

Graeme Dinnen