Nurturing Children by Design

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A casual glance around any restaurant, bar, playground, railway terminal or any place you care to name, you’ll see people on their cell phones. 

Occasionally they become so obsessed with what’s on their screen, they walk into lampposts or water features (0.10).

It is truly sad when obsession becomes fatal.  Only recently a 15 year old girl in Somerset was killed by a train as she looked at her phone while crossing the tracks.

It was author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek who observed that cell phones are wonderful for keeping us in touch with friends and family who are far away; they’re just no good at keeping us in touch with the people directly around us.

A wise soul once told me that we’ll never have better children until we have better parents.

And yes these two subjects are linked.

Our busy lives can cause us to be selfish with the little time we have to ourselves.  For some parents, it’s easier to put on a cartoon DVD than take the time to answer a child’s questions.

We must remember that children are learning machines.  We know that because we were once children.

Did you have kids to raise them in your image or allow them to become the individuals they really are?

I’m inviting you to click on this link and read a document that addresses the deep conditioning within families as well as offering solutions.

Whether you opt for the Parenting or Advanced Parenting Classes at the end is entirely up to you - it’s not why I included the article here.

I’d add that setting aside 16 minutes to listen to Simon Sinek will put you leaps and bounds ahead in understanding what’s going on in the minds of your children. 

Especially what he has to say about addictions.

Phylipa Dinnen 

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