One Day It Will Be You

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Let’s take a look at ageing from a different perspective. A perspective that you too will have one day.

- - - -

“Twice this week, I have watched an elderly individual fade into the busy life in which we all live. 

One man just needed Panadol for his wife but the shop assistant said: “It’s in aisle 6”.

But he struggled to navigate the supermarket and as I watched him go in the wrong direction, I left all my groceries and took him where he needed to go.

- - - -

Today, I watched an elderly man struggle in the heat, who had obviously had a fall with a huge scrape and blood on his leg. 

He walked past people in the cafe, while he slowly made his way to his car. 

Not one person stopped. Or looked. Or acknowledged him. 

I took him to his car and checked he was ok. 

He told me he had a fall and wasn’t sure how the air con worked in his car so he just didn’t use it. 

I sat with him, until his air con kicked in and heard him talk about the old frail body that he is in, that fails him now, every single day.

When you see an elderly person walking down the street, searching in the supermarket or struggling to their car, take a minute out of your busy schedule and ask them if they need a hand. 

Think about your grandparents and your parents and how upset you would be if someone didn’t stop to help them. 

But more, think of them as you. Once upon a time they were you. 

They were busy, they had work, they had children, and they were able. 

Today, they are just in an older body that is not going as fast as it used to and this busy life is confusing. 

They deserve our utmost respect and consideration. 

One day it will be you, it will be us. 

I wish more people cared more about them and acknowledged them for their admirable existence and jeez I hope someday, not that far away, someone does it for me.”

(Thanks to the author, Adele Renee).

- - - -

….then I saw this:

“I was driving home after picking up my son. 

I drive this way twice a day and my eyes kinda glaze over.

But this time I noticed a elderly woman standing at the traffic lights and something felt wrong. I pulled my car over told my son I was going to check on the lady. 

OK mummy he said happily. 

Turned out the women was from out of town and felt overwhelmed but the city traffic.

She had been trying to get enough courage to cross the road and had been trying for 3 changes of the lights. 

After a short talk we crossed the road together. 

I never forgot her as she made me feel so grateful for things I take for granted each day. It's so easy to help and the impact be it small or big counts. 

Since then I see more as I drive that same route home. 

I've been blessed to help a second woman who passed out on the foot path and return a little dog hit by a car (sadly dead) to his owner wrapped in a blanket as if he was sleeping. 

Giving the owner peace and dignity in the dog’s passing blessed me.

And the second women was able to have a heart problem diagnosed and operation done to help her. 

Without that fall she would have continued to be undiagnosed. I'm not sharing this to promote my actions. 

Just to show how, from small acts of kindness, a small ripple can start. 

Helping that woman cross the road opened my eyes to what's around me. 

I feel better connected to my community. Stop and help.”

- - - -

Lorry driver stops to help elderly woman cross busy road (0:37)

Graeme Dinnen

Graeme Dinnen