Reducing Your Vascular Age (the age of your arteries)


Reducing Your Vascular Age (the age of your arteries)

If you’ve passed your 20’s you probably don’t have the energy you used to.

You may have learned much about eating correctly and being healthy, but somehow your energy just isn’t as it once was.

You may find yourself flagging during the day or, if you’re a little older, having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning.

One definite sign of tiredness is when you’re too tired to be loving and present with your wife and family at the end of the day.

Friends might suggest you could have adrenal fatigue or worse still, chronic fatigue. 

Whatever it is you just feel plain worn out or that you’re living a fraction the life you know you’re capable of.

All here’s something important:  Energy is the absolute foundation of everything in our lives. Everything from our careers, our moods, our relationships, fulfilling our dreams and our overall happiness.

When our energy is lacking, everything in our lives suffers.

But what if I told you there are simple ways to get your energy back?

I don’t mean through teas and coffees, quick-fixes, stimulants, energy drinks, chocolate bars, sugar or energy pills. Most of these give you an initial jolt of energy but end up burning you out in the long run.

I’m talking about building REAL energy. By this I mean a way to wake up every morning with a body pulsing with energy. 

Something that physically gets you more and more energetic every day.

If you’re fed up with being tired all the time and you’re ready to start living with a lot more energy, then I have two recommendations for you.  

And I know you’re going to love them.

You have to acknowledge that regaining energy can be just as much what you need to do as what you need to stop doing.


1. Telomeres (more important than you know!)

I don’t imagine telomeres are something you covered in school biology.  They were first discovered in the 1930’s even though it took until the 1980’s to be better understood.

Telomeres are the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect your chromosomes.  They’re not unlike the plastic tips at the end of your shoelaces. Without the coating, shoelaces become frayed until they can no longer do their job. Similarly, without telomeres, DNA strands become damaged and your cells can't do their job.

Told you they were important!

For those who need it, here’s a more scientific review of telomeres:

It’s probably more information than you or I need.  They had me at “Telomeres play a central role in cell fate and ageing by adjusting the cellular response to stress and growth stimulation on the basis of previous cell divisions and DNA damage”. 

Reading the information on the link below, now I understand why they write: “That’s why the aches and pains you had as a 20-year-old seemed to disappear overnight, but may now linger for what seems like an eternity.”

I also resonated when they wrote about the reduction of inflammation because every poor health condition you have is somehow related to inflammation in one way or another.

Read more about telomeres here


2. Q Energy Spa

I’ve written this before and I’m sure I’ll write it again.

Ageing begins internally before it is displayed externally

Some people opt for facials, moisturisers, collagen creams, anti-wrinkle creams, facial sperm masks (yes they too exist!), plastic surgery, facial surgery or risky botox injections.

Instead of wasting your money on temporary solutions the cost of which mounts up over the years, respect yourself with something that’ll give you what you need the most, whether you’re currently aware of it or not.

Energy never tires; we do!       

Imagine each cell in your body is a miniature battery. That’s easy because they are.   

When those cells don’t have sufficient charge, they cease to function properly.  It’s like you having a capacity to function at 12 volts but instead you function from day to day at 6, 7 or, if you’re lucky, 8 volts.

You believe yourself to be young and healthy because you once were, yet the degradation from your 12 volt performance was slow. 

You simply didn’t notice the creeping deterioration in energy levels. Some even put it down to age when that isn’t the cause.

The Q Energy Spa creates a safe and specific electromagnetic field in water. One or more sessions will recharge your body’s biological batteries.

What is it you want to be like?  Facial lines and wrinkles that mask your real age or a greatly reduced vascular age hat’s reflected in your energy for life?  

“After one QEnergySpa session, the subject’s Vascular Age was almost halved! Vascular Age dropped by a remarkable 19 years (from 43 years down to 23 years of age).”   Ivan Serensen, Future Live Science.

One medical professional wrote: “It’s like having Lourdes in your living room”.  

The QEnergySpa  is equipment that achieves considerably more than just anti-ageing.  Take a good look at their website (particularly under the QEnergySpa BEFB tab) to find out how you can treat animals, reduce anxiety/stress, detox heavy metals (without a healing crisis), extend the life of your plants (examples of tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins given), reduce menstrual cramping and  reducing inflammation. 

Remember what I wrote above?  Every poor health condition you have is somehow related to inflammation in one way or another.  

As a bonus….

statins have always been, and continue to do more harm than good. When doctors recommend statins these days (yes they still do!) they’ll first tell you to ignore all the rubbish written in the papers about statins. What’s in those papers is there for a very good reason.

I didn’t listen to the ‘Your Best Years Start Now Summit’ but here’s their free 27 page report on The Top 25 Products In Your Home That Cause Early Ageing and Disease. However healthy your lifestyle is, I bet you’ll tick a few of these boxes….and learn what you need to do to untick others.

Take a magnifying glass with you when you go shopping. I’ve read reports suggesting that up to 80% of what you buy from supermarkets is toxic to some degree. That of course depends on the supermarket. Why take the risk? Buy at your local farmers market instead so you can shake hands with the people who grew your food!

Graeme Dinnen

Graeme Dinnen