Sexual Vitality Summit 23-29 September


Some years ago I bought a copy of Dr. Stephen T. Chang’s astonishing book “The Tao of Sexology: The Book Of Infinite Wisdom”.

The information is quite extraordinary and should be recommended reading for every teenager - and definitely for men and women getting married.

Everybody I’ve recommended it to has written back with considerable gratitude, prompted by the many revelations of sexual relations between men and women compared with the superficial ideologies taught here in the West.

One major barrier to complete sexual satisfaction for both men and women is the male ejaculation. At least the full understanding of it.

It prompted Wilhelm Reich to write "The Function of the Orgasm", a 1927 book written to show us that the ability to achieve orgasm was an essential attribute of the healthy individual; failure to dissipate pent-up sexual energy by orgasm could produce neurosis in adults.

I’m also informed that Paramahansa Yogananda, author of  ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ stated that 80 bites of food made 1 drop of blood, 80 drops of blood made one drop of sperm.

Dr. Chang tells us that the average ejaculation contains the nutritional value of two New York steaks, ten eggs, six oranges and two lemons. Ejaculation thus depletes the man, leaving insufficient energy to fully satisfy the woman.

He presents Taoist techniques that not only enhance the sex life for both men and women, but improve our health in general. 

Sex energy is often likened to fire because it can consume or transform. 

But mainly due to ignorance people are consumed by their sexual energy, often with harmful consequences.

Dr Chang shows us effective ways of using sex energy to transform ourselves into more complete and dynamic human beings. A good feature is that the theories behind the techniques are explained.The practices are safe and effective if executed correctly. 

The Tao of Sexology has increased in price in recent years; the lowest price I can find on Amazon (used) is £31+.  Expensive yes, but worth it if you want to understand what I consider to be a vital issue in everyone’s life.

The point of this message however is to let you know there is a Sexual Vitality Summit you can listen to, completely free of charge.

More people than ever feel sexually disabled, and most suffer in silence, longing for the connection and pleasure that is their birthright as human beings  — there ARE solutions to our most frustrating bedroom issues!            

The Sexual Vitality Summit is online and FREE between September 23-29, 2019

Registration for the Summit is now open.

But rather than just register, you can leave your name and email and receive a copy of Susan Bratton’s valuable 34-page eGuide, Hot to Trot: 38 Facts to Supercharge Your Sex Drive.  

There’s a TON of intriguing details about sexual health!

Or just order your own copy right away and access these talks so you can you to download or watch them online.  

This one could be a ‘keeper’.

Graeme Dinnen