Blowing Your Nose

Another Case Of ‘Follow The Money’?

What do you know about the tissues you blow your nose with?

Although facial tissues have been used for centuries in Japan, two-ply tissues were first introduced by Kimberley-Clark…..their purpose being to remove theatrical makeup in conjunction with cold cream.

Today they’re used for a multitude of other purposes such as blowing your nose and drying your tears in weepy movies.

What changed?

The marketing, packaging and positioning of tissues evolved to meet new uses so powerfully that a box of tissues is now a staple in almost every home and office. 

Yet something isn’t quite right.

We’ve almost come to expect some form of deception or skulduggery from corporate promoted products. 

I’m interested in your thoughts on something that happened to me recently. 

I started sneezing…and sneezing a lot.  Not common for me, and probably caused by dust inhaled when I went through a self storage lockup that hadn’t seen the light of day in six months.

I bought a small pack of well-known brand name tissues.  When I used them, my sneezing and runny nose seemed to get worse. 

Weird I thought.  

My tissues quickly ran out; having none left I started using kitchen roll.

My sneezing reduced.  

Thinking it may have just been a co-incidence, I bought another pack of tissues only to find that my sneezing returned to ridiculous levels.

Were the tissues laced with chemicals designed to make me sneeze or my nose run more?  

The possibility exists.

I resorted to my internet browser to find out more  and came across two comments that are worth repeating.  

They’re not conclusive but at least they indicate that I’m not the only one thinking this.

1.  ”Have you ever tried wiping your nose with a Puffs Plus brand tissue? If you have, you'll notice that the tissue's fibers are very loose. This contributes to softness, but it also causes the problem: a lot of the fibers will come undone from the tissue when you wipe with it, and when you inhale, you'll take a lot of them in. This puts foreign objects in your nose, making you want to blow them out. So you reach for your Puffs Plus to blow them out... and you use another tissue!" 

The cycle perpetuates until you've used just about the entire box. More tissue sales. Sick corporations they are!

2.  Why do I go through an entire box of kleenex or puffs soft brand as it perpetually creates more mucus? Then for some reason if I blow my nose with paper towels, it's 3 - 4 blows at the most and I'm clear? I can use toilet tissue and blow 3 - 4 times and it's clear. The soft tissues with the paper dust, I go through an entire box until I use something else to get relief. 

Bless you!

Graeme Dinnen

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