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In these times of laboratory-made viruses and tenacious government fear- mongering, we’re often asked by readers how we cope with COVID-19 and what exercise/health equipment we use to stay healthy.

This is by no means a must-have survival guide; it’s just what we’ve chosen for ourselves.

Caveat:  Source Your Purchases Carefully

This is an important time to support small, locally-owned businesses. 

If you want to source any of these items for yourself, go old-school and buy from your local health & fitness store or health shop rather than ordering from Amazon, even if it costs a fraction more.

Amazon isn’t struggling to make ends meet, pay an increasing tax burden and put a child or two through after-school ballet or a martial arts class.

Some years ago I made a decision to buy books from small outlets rather than Amazon and started using Book Depository.

You can imagine how cheated I felt when I discovered that the Book Depository was owned by Amazon.

So in alphabetical order…..

Acupressure Pen 

I wrote a piece recently on a successful method of killing pain and accelerating healing naturally.

The method integrates acupressure (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with a needle-free, shock-free, alternative to electro-acupuncture called ‘Acu-Frequency’: “Breaking The Chains of Medication”

A simple acupressure pen is something we’ve had and used for many years as it simplify things.  Electronic versions are now available but I’ve never used one so can’t comment on their value.

Acupressure pen
Acupressure pen

Source:  A wide choice is available online

– – – – –

Azazzia Pro-Sports III: Described as “A hospital in your hand” the unit will help to more poor health conditions than you can even think of. 

We choose not to have any medical insurance and the Avazzia is a Godsend for arresting as well as reversing the progress of poor health conditions before they develop into something more worrying, especially those connected with inflammation and pain. Research tells us this amounts to approximately 4000 conditions.

Right now we aren’t in any specific pain but we’ve always been about prevention rather than seeking cures.

I’m writing this at the moment. It’s still a work in progress so forgive any draft errors:


– – – – –

Blotting Brushes

The cost of not looking after your teeth and gums will have a knock-on effect you may (or likely will) seriously regret in later life.

Ask any person in a care home about it.

Given that 80% of poor health conditions originate in the mouth (including Alzheimer’s Disease), that fact alone should create a new impetus for this.

Known as “The brush that puts all other toothbrushes to shame”, we’ve used Blotting Brushes since 2001. They’ve been a saviour (in terms of teeth, gums and of course pricey dental bills).

(Well worth the mention….whenever a dentist extracts a tooth, the nerve that stretches to the brain is broken. Not only does this affect your memory but it is cumulative. The fewer teeth you have, the more susceptible you are to memory loss, so look after them!)

Dr Mark Sircus reports:

  • Cavities: New York dentists are reporting that half their patients are suffering decaying teeth, receding gum lines, and seriously sour breath from wearing masks, adding that face coverings lead to mouth dryness and an increase in the build-up of bacteria. “We’re seeing inflammation in people’s gums that have been healthy forever, and cavities in people who have never had them before,” Dr. Rob Ramondi told FOXNews.
  • Facial Deformities: Masking children triggers mouth breathing (see Lip Trainer below), which has been shown to cause “long, narrow faces, narrow mouths, high palatal vaults, dental malocclusion, gummy smiles, and many other unattractive facial features,” according to the Journal of General Dentistry.

Alternative To Dentists:  We use this as an adjunct to Blotting. Of the many recommendations, this one is extremely effective as a preventive.

Every dentist should be telling their patients how to prevent oral conditions from happening rather than booking you in for unnecessary wisdom tooth removal, tooth extraction, gum surgery or worse.

Blotting Brush and MiniBlot


– – – – –

Celtic Sea Salt

Every two years or so we’d take a Cross Channel Car Ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg or Caen and drive to the salt flats at Guerande in Brittany, stopping off at places of interest to us – the ancient tidal island of Mont Saint Michel, the colourful hand-painted pottery factory at Quimper, the mysterious pre-Celtic standing stones at Carnac etc.

We’d usually spend a couple of days in the area speaking with the salt farmers, walking in the salt flats, visiting the salt museums, eating amazing French food and drinking inexpensive French wines. 

Before we left, we’d fill the back of the car with varying types of salt, leaving just enough room for wines and whatever else we’d bought.

UK Customs often asked us what the white stuff was in the back of our car! We’d give them a taste.

Celtic Sea salt is so rich in those minerals most westerners are deficient in. It’s insanity buying salts from supermarkets as the essential minerals have been stripped out leaving 97.5% sodium, chlorine and chemical additives -best for throwing outside your front door after a snowfall.

We used to offer the salt on our website but when we left England we were no longer able to source it as the producers required collection at their warehouse in Brittany (and we ‘re no longer in the UK).

Thankfully we still have sufficient stocks of Celtic Sea Salt to last us for a while even though local producers offer some great salts from the mangrove swamps on Nusa Lembongan, the fishing village of Amed and the salt farms in the north at the old Dutch colonial capital of Bali, Singaraja (translates as “Lion King”).

Source:   France – most delicatessens and even supermarkets …………………… USA
Everywhere else – online

– – – – –

Chi Machine (Sun Ancon model)

This has been a wonderful piece of equipment to use when we’re tired and need an energy lift.

A lack of the body’s ability to properly utilise oxygen can result in signs of inflammation including pain, numbness, stiffness and itchiness. We know that if this state is allowed to continue within the body for long periods, more serious health conditions may start to appear.

The unit your feet rest on oscillates from side to side 144 times per minute, boosting the circulatory system. In a 15 minute session it gives us the equivalent oxygen benefit of 1½ hours of walking.  

And the sensation of bubbles coursing through our bloodstream at the end of each session is quite special…..and it’s good for getting exercise while confined to your homes.

Video: (2:32)

Source: Find a Sun Ancon distributor in your country.   Here some to choose from in the UK

– – – – –

Colloidal Silver Generator

In 2013 I bought a colloidal silver generator from a friend who was making them quite literally in his garden shed.  His demo taught us what we needed to know about water purity and silver, and showed how he’d improved on the standard features offered by other models on the market back then.

He had the right background and a deep understanding of the intricacies required to create such a device.  It certainly wasn’t just a case of creating something from a combination of water, silver and electricity.

Sadly the internet trolls subjected him to repeated vitriolic social media attacks and repeated hacks to his website.  He closed down his operation.

I still use the generator we bought then.

Source:  Colloidal silver has become another of those beneficial products that’s slowly being banned around the world. Go online and find a good model that’ll serve you when you most need it. 

 – – – – –

Copper Head Massager

A head massager with copper legs that massage your scalp up and down.  

There are so many nerve endings in the scalp, gentle stimulation from this provides better blood circulation in the head, intense relaxation and welcome stress relief. 

The sensation is so much better if you have someone do it for you.  Makes me purr!

Copper Head Massager (aka ‘Orgasmatron’)

Source:  Type ’copper head massager’ and your country into your search engine for a selection of models available.  Make sure it has copper legs.

– – – – –


We spend far less time outdoors than we did even 20 – 30 years ago. Where kids were once kicking a ball in the park, they’re now indoors glued to a screen.

As a species, the human race has become arrogant, ego-centred and so far out of balance with this amazing planet we live on.

I’m not including the indigenous and aboriginal peoples here.

We all need to have a grounded connection to Mother Nature in order to re-balance ourselves; earth energy is the key to getting that balance.

There are several nearby beaches with we walk on 3 to 5 nights a week.  If you don’t have a beach nearby, walk on earth or grass.

With the 6000 lightning strikes per minute Earth receives, walking barefoot on the ground puts you in touch with the omnipresent source of healing energy.  

We’re electrical beings living on an electrical planet and the ground we walk on should be more than just a place to stand.

Apologies to those of you living in cold climates where this recommendation may be met with a chuckle…..just wait until Spring.

Oh and stop wearing those rubber soled shoes!

Go barefoot on the earth, grass or sand

– – – – –

FIR Hothouse

We’ve always used our hothouse in conjunction with the Chi Machine for a long list of healthy benefits….usually a sore part of the body after exercise or just genuine relaxation.

The many benefits include rapid pain relief with reduction in swelling and inflammation, improved respiration, toxin elimination (heavy metals included), increased circulation, immune system support, accelerated healing, tissue regeneration, wound closure, stress removal, relaxation and more.

Working from the inside out of each individual cell, FIR Infrared is a subtle force to be reckoned with – easy to use, safe, no chemicals, toxins or invasive procedures.

For natural healing and wellness in the comfort of your home, this medical device, the SOQI Far Infrared Dome, is the result of advanced Japanese health technology – also known as thermal therapy – and remains unsurpassed in its field. 

The FIR Infrared heat radiating from the Dome’s inner surface promotes healing and detoxification of the body from the inside out. Simply place the dome over the area you need to receive some heat and switch on. There’s a timer to let you know when each 15 minutes is up.

She’s using her HotHouse and her Chi Machine together

Video: (3:06)

Source:  Find a sun Ancon distributor in your country.   Here are some to choose from in the UK

– – – – –

GeoVital Bed Canopy

This doesn’t come under the strict heading of equipment but it does under ‘protection’. We’ve had a canopy over our bed since September 2020.

The result? A significant decrease in radiation reaching us as we sleep, from 1000 microvolts down to 25 microvolts.  We’re no longer sleeping in an invisible nightly assault on our health. 

Here’s a video I made:


– – – – –

GeoVital meters

It was these meters that registered the hotspot of harmful radiation levels in our villa.  We decided that if we wanted to make serious decisions based on measurements of radiation, we’d need quality instruments at the right sensitivity to give us information we could rely on.


– – – – –

Hula Hoop With Bumps

A few years ago we ran into a shopping mall on Orchard Road in Singapore to get out of the heavy tropical downpour. In a sports store there we spotted a hula hoop that looked as though it was built for self-torture.  

The owner of the store assured us of the acupressure-like health benefits and that we would get used to the ‘bumps’ quickly.

He was right. Phylipa uses it almost daily.

Source:  Try your local health and fitness shop or go online

– – – – – 

Kettlebell weights:

I swing a weight from side to side and between my knees as a means of maintaining flexibility.  We all suffer from reduced flexibility as we age …that is unless we do something about it.

Source: If your local health and fitness shop doesn’t have them in stock you can get them online.

– – – – –

Lip Trainer

In ‘Blotting Brushes’ above I mentioned  “Masking children triggers mouth breathing…”, another unwanted side effect of the times we live in.  Mouth breathing can be one of the major causes of a long list of poor health conditions from A to Z and contributes to some of the ‘Big Label’ diseases.

Nose breathing increases the oxygen and blood flow to the brain and sets off a domino effect of healing, the importance of which cannot be underestimated.

The benefits of using the Lip Trainer include improving the conditions of Dementia, Autism, Down Syndrome, Strokes, Speech Disorders and other brain-related conditions.  

Having been out of stock for a while I now have 20 Lip Trainers that will arrive from Japan in a few days time.

Lip Trainer and Protective Case

Web Page and Source:

– – – – –

Q Energy Spa

This is essential for keeping up our energy at those important cellular levels. 

Very few of us have the energy we used to have getting out of bed in the mornings, for work, for being present with our family at the end of each day. While energy is the foundation of absolutely everything in our lives, the cause of our energy depletion is not age, it’s the result of us being exposed to as many as 80,000 chemicals in our daily lives.

Increasing the body’s energy sets the basis for improvement. This is where the magic happens!

Source: Here’s a brief description on our site:

The Q Energy Spa: Many Companies Have Unsuccessfully Tried To Emulate The Results

Or take a look at the manufacturers comprehensive site if you suffer from

• low levels of energy

• aches and pains

• sickly children

• you want to halve your biological (vascular) age

• you grow crops or look after cattle/horses


– – – – –

Rebounder  (PT Bouncer)

Rebounding is a simple exercise that shakes out the lymphatic drainage and contributes to one of the most valuable preventers of heart problems: exercise.

Some 40 years ago Phylipa visited the manufacturers in Taiwan and asked them to improve the design of the rebounder (mini-Trampoline) giving it 6 legs instead of 5 for improved stability, less chance of spinal damage and a stronger connection to the mat. 

They were surprised at her insistence on quality as other buyers wanted the constituent parts made cheaper.

Following an article written about the PT Bouncer in Harpers & Queen magazine, Phylipa had to order 2 full containers from Taiwan to meet demand.  Those was the early days.

Many new and cheaper rebounders are available today yet for good reason the PT Bouncer remains the industry standard.

Some years ago I was listening to a BBC2 radio talk-in with Terry Wogan on the subject of indoor exercise.  A caller made the point that he’d bought a cheap rebounder only for one of the legs to weaken and collapse after a short period.  It was his poor decision to opt for the cheaper version. He replaced it with a PT Bouncer and the difference was “…like driving a Rolls Royce”.  

PT Bouncer: Still Considered To Be The Industry Standard

Source:   Supertramp UK   If you buy one outside the UK make sure it has 6 legs and is made well.  There are a few cheap copycat versions around that aren’t built to last run the risk of causing spinal damage in the long run. 

– – – – –

Thera Cane Trigger Point Massager

We first came across this on a visit to the Black Mountains in Wales.  It’s wonderful for resolving pain in those difficult to reach parts of the body.  

Knots and tight muscles are no match for this!

Originally developed by someone with chronic pain to help relieve his own discomfort after neck surgery and a herniated disc in his back, the design of the Thera Cane allows you to apply deep remedial pressure to hard-to-reach areas of your own body.

Thera Cane Trigger Point Massager

Source:  If your local health and fitness shop doesn’t have one you can source them online.

– – – – –

Trigger Point Performance Foam Roller

Being reassured that it was doing me good, I was subjected to a painful thigh roll at my son’s house in Adelaide, yet I felt good after it and was fascinated right away.

The flat foam surface was subsequently improved to become a bumpy surface (see below) delivering firm compression, somewhat like a sports massage while channeling blood and oxygen needed to repair muscles.

To us the ‘roller’ is another ‘go-to’ when we need to release muscle pain, improve mobility, increase circulation. 

It’s reassuring to know that it’s highly recommended by sports doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists.

Releasing muscle pain

Source: If your local health and fitness shop can’t order you one, you can get them online.

– – – – –

Vielight (Neuro) 

This is a big subject so I’ll write a little more about it.

The most complex organ in the body to nurture and protect is your brain, particularly with the psychological damage brought about by COVID-19, the associated mask wearing, social distancing and contentious lockdowns.

The COVID-19 issue has brought about a significant decline in mental health, stress, low elf-esteem, depression (especially in teens), strong emotions, thought of suicide and increased substance use.

There are more effective ways to remedy the issue using an electronic device that speaks your “brain language”.

We’re talking about the field of photobiomodulation or low-level laser light therapy (a former description that no-one really understood).

There are an increasing number of wannabe gadgets on the market that are trivial in that they stimulate relaxing or satisfying sensations.

These are generally perceived as lightweight compared with family of devices that have been proven over and over to recover patients from/by

  • the progressive levels of cognitive decline
  • the uncontrollable head shaking Parkinson’s Disease
  • traumatic brain injury
  • post-traumatic demoralisation syndrome
  • controlling fear while fighting big-label diseases (eg cancer)

All this is possible with photobiomodulation. 

There are different models available but the one we added to our armoury last year is the Vielight Neuro Gamma. 

There is absolutely no need for the brain to underperform with age but cognitive decline is impacting more and more people these days.

The new form of memory loss more common amongst the younger generation is Pre-Alzheimer’s Disease.

Doctors prescribe drugs yet people don’t develop Alzheimer’s Disease from a deficiency of drugs! The major causes start when we’re young and include:

• excess prescription medication (esp statins) 

• lack of proper sleep – these days teenagers average 6 hours instead of the 8 hours they used to get before cell phones and TV’s disrupted their patterns.

• missing teeth: when a tooth is removed, the nerve linking that tooth with    the rest of the body (including the brain) is severed. The impact is not only    to the socket where the removed tooth was but also to regions of the    brain.

• an accumulation of toxic heavy metals in the body – aluminium, mercury,   lead, bismuth etc and the cumulative exposure to it.

If there’s someone in the family that’s not as mentally alert as they could be, the Vielight Neuro Gamma offers a home solution choice, better than a visit to the doctor to be given a prescription for drugs that are as useful as a drowning man clutching at straws.

Neuro Alpha – The potential benefits of heightened alpha waves are stress reduction and mindfulness.

Neuro Gamma – The potential benefits of heightened gamma waves are increased focus and better memory retrieval.

[Tech speak here – The 10 Hz pulse rate of the Vielight Neuro Alpha remains consistent with EEG alpha brain wave entrainment and cellular light absorption. This pulse rate differs from the 40 Hz pulse rate of the Vielight Neuro Gamma, which has a stronger effect on memory enhancement]

There’s now a Neuro Duo model that conveniently combines the Neuro Alpha (10Hz) and Neuro Gamma (40Hz) in one economic and convenient combo package.

For health practitioners or those of you who don’t want to see a grandparent or even a parent succumb to the ravages of declining memory (and the decline can take years, appear occasionally or be rapid), the Vielight will provide the answers you’re looking for that conventional medicine cannot address outside the regimen of yet more drugs.

Keeping Mentally Alert From Middle Age Onwards

Video: (1:59)

Source:   This is an important development that comes with my full support. 

I have an agreement with the manufacturers that all purchases using code RFLBIO be given a 10% discount.

– – – – –

Yoga Monkey

In 2013 we attended a health show in Brighton and came across a stand with yoga straps that allowed us to hang upside down.  We both tried the demo and were sufficiently motivated to buy one immediately.

Phylipa hanging upside down in comfort

 Video: I found this on YouTube.  The lass demonstrating the Yoga Monkey is far more supple than the majority of us, but you’ll get the gist.

Source: There’s a source contact below the video and a FaceBook page ‘YogaMonkey’ but these days are a range of aerial yoga offerings available. Check with your local health store to see what suits you best.

– – – – –

Yoga Mats

Most yoga mats are made from PVC (polyvinylchloride), aka vinyl, one of the most toxic plastics to manufacture, to use and to dispose. 

These mats are mostly classified as recycle code #3 meaning they will not be accepted by most recycle centres.  

There are better materials such as cork – a little more expensive but worth it if you’re a yoga or pilates enthusiast and use mats regularly.

Cork Exercise Mat

Source:  A decent local health & fitness shop should find you one; if not you’ll find them online.

– – – – –

Virus and General Illness Prevention

Vitamin C infusion

We have Vitamin C infusions at least twice a year and really value them, particularly in current circumstances. We’ve done this for several years but the practice is becoming ostracised, even outlawed in some countries for no better reason than fake science.

Live Blood Analysis (Darkfield Microscopy)

The analysis and identification of anomalies in live blood under a Darkfield microscope is considerably more effective than analysing blood taken in a doctor’s surgery to be analysed hours or even days later.  

Live blood analysis reveals distortions of red blood cells, undesirable bacterial/fungal/parasitic life forms, inflammation and immune activities.

The results can be particularly revealing of a person’s imbalances.  


A must for every first aid kit, I’ve written about iodine many times before, mainly in conjunction with it being a far better mouthwash than commercial options and infinitely more effective than fluoride, despite what your country’s dental associations may want you to believe.

If you’re a member of an older generation, you’ll remember cuts and scrapes being administered by your mum using iodine. Whatever happened to that approach?

Fruits & Herbs

Living in the tropics we’re blessed with an array of local fruits such as papaya, mangoes, pineapples, rambutans, mangosteen, soursop, the many different types of banana, coconuts…..and of course herbs.

I’m a great believer that the fruits you need to be eating grow in the region where you already live.  You don’t need to source rare and expensive fruits or herbs grown on the left bank of the Euphrates to keep you healthy.

My favourite fruit of all?  The humble apple, preferably unsprayed by toxic chemicals.

Some General Recommendations:

• Drinking water from plastic bottles has now become the global standard. The inclusion if of Bisphenol-A (BPA) in the bottle manufacture was a major concern but bottle manufacturers have since removed that from the bottle supply.  Yay!

Hang on a moment.  What did they quietly replace BPA with?  

Bisphenol-S which has the same effects and is especially worrying for those with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or obesity. 

The effects of BPS can increase the chance of a heart attack or make a heart attack more severe.

So there we have it – a company advertising BPA-free products is deceiving its customers by pretending to give them what they want.

Another sleight-of-hand!

For years I’ve used a hand held meter to test the Total Dissolved Solids in our water. This allows us to stay on top of our drinking water quality at all times!

And we drink our water from copper mugs, despite the best efforts of internet trolls.

– – – – –

• I’ve mentioned this on the front page of this newsletter but the subject covers brain health so here it is again….

Unlock Dr. Christine Schaffner’s free 20-page eGuide, ‘Essential Brain Hygiene’, and understand why having a daily brain hygiene practice is vital to your health, especially as you age.

Mark your diaries and find time for the main event between February 22 –  28.

Graeme Dinnen

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