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In 2016 I began compiling information that was being posted on social media that gave insights into recognising the onset of poor health conditions.

Given that the media writes what it’s told to write these days, the true wordsmiths are the many contributors to social media.

But mind you, the land of tweets and memes can also be a treacherous terrain, laden with misinformation and contorted opinions.

After a while I decided to share my treasure trove with others as so many people make appointments to see their doctor and the first diagnosis is not always right.

In the defence of the medical profession the average time of an appointment with a GP doctor is no more than a whirlwind visit:

UK 9.2 minutes

USA 21.07 minutes

Australia minimum 10 minutes

Canada no reliable stats but Canada has some of the longest waiting times to see doctors make it a quest unto itself.

Telemedicine has stepped in as a trusty sidekick, but wouldn’t it be grand if we all had a crash course in Health 101? I mean, why did they teach me about amoebas and spirogyra in school when I could have been learning how to perform first aid or deal with stress in the adult world?

The Body Speaks is my updated compilation of early warning signs.  I have on occasion ventured into remedies where I deemed them to be valuable.

It’s more of a reference manual than a gripping novel and by no means is it exhaustive so if your condition isn’t covered, you have my apologies.  You will hopefully get fresh insights to those that are.

I’ve made this available as an ebook at no charge so please feel free to download it and pass it on to family and friends where appropriate.

Click the link below to access the page where you can download your copy:

However from this weekend onwards I will be charging a token amount, if only to defray those pesky rising costs.

Graeme Dinnen

It’s time we turned the tables

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