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Tracking The Signs and Symptoms Of Deteriorating Health

The Body Speaks: Tracking The Signs and Symptoms Of Deteriorating Health

In 2018 I finished compiling ”The Body Speaks”, a downloadable labour-of-love document that was available free of charge to everyone.

Although it was only an ebook, I was exhausted from finalising the details and getting all the small things right before releasing it.

Two days later, I awoke to such back pain that resulted from (I thought) sitting in a chair for hours on end that I booked to see a cranio-sacral therapist.

It was little to do with sitting and the crania-sacral therapist nailed the cause of my back pain right away.

It was emotional, brought on by the completion and release of a project that had taken me many months to complete.

She manipulated parts of my spine I didn’t know existed and with a couple of exercises, my back pain disappeared within 48 hours.

The purpose of my ebook was to provide useful insights to be considered when determining the cause of poor health conditions.

Conditions that usually cause people to immediately book appointments with their doctor to have resolved.

I should have seen it coming!

Thankfully the feedback to the book was encouraging. 

One lady liked it so much she passed copies onto her immediate family and kindly contacted me to express that genuine appreciation for the help it had given her.

Another reader used the information to question his doctor about the pills he’d been prescribed to keep his high blood pressure down….when it wasn’t high in the first place.

Needless to say for many others, the mere understanding of the varied causes of poor health conditions helped them to resolve things quickly.

I Knew It Was Time For An Update

Looking through the original version I couldn’t believe how much work had to be done to update it.

I wasn’t sure I had the time, but then came the lockdown.

Even though the amount of work at first put me off – I picked up the gloves and stepped into the proverbial ring…

I’ve used the past few weeks to update whatever was needed.

And there was plenty.

Several of the YouTube videos were no longer available, certain sections of text needed updating and I’ve added some fresh information altogether.

I’ve also structured the document in a way that makes it more readable.

Given the stricter rules imposed by busybody administrations such as the EU, there are more newsletters and articles that make you accept the annoying “We Value Your Privacy” pop ups that you have to agree to before accessing their information. 

It’s just the nature of today’s world – I go with the flow rather than fight it and then I clear my cookies every month.

What’ll you’ll learn from these pages will in many instances be contrary to what you’ve been told.

But it’s becoming clear that you haven’t always been told the right information

Included for example is:

  • why drinking 8 glasses of water a day was a recommendation made up by water companies

  • why keeping your tonsils and adenoids is better than having them removed (that goes for your wisdom teeth too).

  • My new hero John Patterson’s impressive and brave crusade against 5G radiation.

  • The most under-diagnosed health problem in the West that doctor’s know very little, if anything about

  • The long-term damage to your body caused by sitting too much

  • Why brushing and flossing can cause gum disease

  • How to use your spleen to cultivate one of the most valuable gifts – intuition.

  • Which is “The Emperor of Organs”?

These are just a few of the potentially life-changing ideas I’ve written about.

I’m offering the updated version of my ebook once again, and it’s free to download.

If you’re wondering why I do this it’s my hope that the links are of practical use to you.  I don’t receive any commission, reward or free product of any type as a result of you clicking on these links, registering for newsletters or buying anything. 

The articles/videos I’ve included are not mine and I can’t therefore vouch for their accuracy.

The glue that binds is the personal opinions, anecdotes and rambling thoughts I’ve added.

More and more people tell me they aren’t happy with their health and are not getting the results they want from their doctor, acupuncturist, naturopath, chiropractor, psychiatrist, dentist or therapist of whatever discipline.

My role has been to offer you other reasons that may be causing your condition rather than remedies.

Just knowing the cause can make a difference.

For many years, singer Kris Kristofferson struggled with debilitating memory problems.  Diagnosed with, and treated for Alzheimer’s Disease it transpired that he had been suffering from Lyme’s Disease all that time. 

His wife said to journalists:

“He was taking all these medications for things he doesn’t have, and they all have side effects.”

At all costs you want to avoid a medical mis-diagnosis with the potential for long term medication being utterly redundant, especially as a study showed that your doctor can be wrong 88% of the time with a first diagnosis.

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PS I love what the image at the foot of p74 suggests we should all do!