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A recent New York Times column about the epidemic of cracked teeth was brought to my attention and it’s well worth reading.

Written by Tammy Chen, DDS (a prosthodontist with a practice in Manhattan), it described the epidemic as something she’s come across in her patients during the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Chen pointed her finger at two culprits: 

• the slumped posture many people adopt while working from home with improvised furniture,

• excessive anxiety and stress. 

Both of these lead to jaw clenching and tooth grinding.

Here’s Dr. Chen’s analysis of the causes of cracked teeth; learn what you can do to avoid the same fate yourself!

Click here to determine how important her article is to you.

Our Blotting Brushes and MiniBlots may not deal with the specific damage of jaw clenching or tooth grinding but they’ve been giving people a more effective way of keeping their mouth healthy than conventional brushes and toxic toothpastes do.

Why is it that very few dentists want to know more about these brushes?

Because modern techniques are about restoration rather than prevention; dentists want you to make appointments to have remedial work done!

When did you last hear your dentist say “Congratulations. Your mouth is healthy.  There’s nothing to be done this time either”.

If you have, your dentist may be a keeper!

For 50 years, Blotting Brushes and MiniBlots continue to put all other brushing and flossing techniques to shame.

Graeme Dinnen

If you want to know how to look after your teeth and gums better than you are at the moment, register to listen to Dr Elmar Jung’s free Tooth Talk.  This is truly valuable information your dentist isn’t likely to mention!

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