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……And What You Can Do About It

Technology is evolving at a faster rate then ever. As our understanding of energy and its impact on the environment expands, we will see more innovative and exciting uses for electricity in the future. 

Whether produced by gas, nuclear, coal, solar, wind or hydropower, these mediums all produce quantities of electricity to cater for the increasing demands.

This, unfortunately is where I become concerned.

Man-made ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF) are known to disrupt your body’s natural electrical system, in turn causing overreactions and inflammations within the immune system.

This often results in allergic or asthmatic conditions as allergens enter your body more easily.

Whatever your views, we can’t deny there’s a connection between what we’re experiencing today and what’s causing the health of some people to act as if in chaos.

“Radiofrequency” (RF) is what relays communications signals – mobile and cordless phones,  WiFii routers, suburban towers, masts/panels on buildings (including hospitals), smart meters, smart watches, Bluetooth devices, Fitbits, baby monitors, game consoles and smart diapers (nappies).

To many people radiation cannot be seen and therefore cannot present a problem. Same thing happened in 1897 when it was proven that mosquitoes, those tiny flying needles were the cause of malaria – until then the link between the two had been emphatically denied because something that small could not possibly cause such havoc.

People are waking up to the fact that electromagnetic signals from everyday wireless technologies are an ever-present environmental stressor, affecting human biological systems.

Not surprisingly there’s been a ‘jumping-on-the-bandwagon’ effect with all manner of trinkets, bangles and things to hang around your neck or wrist being offered to minimise or even ward off radiation.

While some undoubtedly provide a benefit, the reality is that the results are mediocre at best.


Because the batteries that power your body’s trillions of cells – your mitochondria – when combatting incoming RF waves will ALWAYS be in defence mode. And that’s not good.

You want them to be actively powering your cells, not surviving under the onslaught of non-ionising radiation.

Scientists have found that EMFs can contribute to: 

  • Mitochondrial damage (causing low energy) 
  • Free radical damage (speeds up aging)
  • Decreased white blood cell count (reduces immunity)
  • Disrupted hormones like melatonin (hurts sleep)

Let’s look at the chaotic body conditions I’m referring to:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Brain fog
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Dizziness
  • General inflammations (5G will amplify any susceptibility)
  • Disruption of Melatonin (Poor sleeping patterns)
  • Light sensitivity (ElectroMagnetic Hyper Sensitivity)
  • Chronic pain
  • Skin problems
  • Joint Swelling (arthritis)
  • Heart palpitations
  • Personality change (mood swings)
  • Cancers
  • increase in cortisol levels
  • toxins penetrating the blood-brain barrier
  • thyroid damage
  • reduced fertility

….and children are particularly susceptible to damage from ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF)

This next two paragraphs are important to us all….

Oxidative stress is not a condition you want to have. It damages your lipids, proteins and your DNA. This impacts your metabolic cycle and will amplify any stress from other factors – smoking, UV lights, drugs, stress, alcohol and other biochemical reactions.

Trinkets and bangles simply don’t protect us from this level of unseen assault.

Since the dawn of time, planet Earth has pulsated on a natural frequency, the Schumann Resonance. This ranges between 7.83 hertz and 45 hertz. We humans can thrive in this range as It surrounds and protects all living things on the planet.

The frequency we live in today is polluted with junk EMFs many of which take us well outside this Schumann range.  

It’s like going outside in a rainstorm without a coat or umbrella.

What Can We Do About This?

It’s no good complaining to the authorities.  The Telecommunications Act (1996) states “regardless of environmental or health effects, no State or Local Government can regulate the placement of any cell towers”.  Neither you or your local authorities can do anything because corporate money has spoken!

OK What Else Then?

I mentioned the proliferation of trinkets and bangles earlier.  Thankfully there are some real resources available that do a comprehensive job of EMF protection. They’ve been developed by Floww, a rapidly growing fintech startup committed to supporting the innovation community,

I won’t wax lyrical about the damage caused by cell phones – you’ve already seen countless warnings about this.  Experts have expressed great concern but their voices are drowned out by industry-funded studies that conveniently find no evidence of harm.

What’s interesting is that a Canadian cell phone manufacturer contacted Floww to integrate cutting edge technology into their phones. Indeed they were the first company to even care about this (I can’t give the Canadian Company’s name for legal reasons).

The Canadian companies own lawyers blocked this initiative as installing spacial chips into cell phones to protect users from EMF exposure would be an admission that there is a health concern. This would open them up to lawsuits. 

With the rapid rollout of a dense network of EMF-emitting “small cells,” (5G – Fifth Generation technology) this problem is poised to get much worse.  And they’ve already started to develop 6G!

EMF Solution

To me it feels like we’re trying to pour 10 ounces of liquid into an 8 ounce jar. Something’s has to give!

Thankfully there’s a solution for us all that’s simple, passive and effective.

It operates just like a radio antenna that takes in a signal and converts it to sound, in this case by transforming hostile EMF frequencies into alternative frequencies that are safe for humans and our pets.

The energy required for this transformation is supplied by radiation that’s already in the environment.

There’s a dose response here. The flow field becomes more protective the nearer you are to stronger EMF sources. So when you need it most, it kicks into full effect.

These are available on the Sana Shop site. Act quickly as there’s a worthwhile sale on right now

The MobileFloww® 

This sticks to your phone case (or phone directly) and can be removed between phones. For me this is particularly valuable for teenagers who spend around 9 hours a day on their phones.

Personally I rarely use a mobile phone. I have one to receive 6 digit codes sent by banks etc but I don’t have it hooked up to the internet, emails or any social media. 


Designed for TV’s, laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones (when at home).  Place the Screenfloww near any screen to create a field of natural frequencies. It can either be permanent of moved between your TV and computers as needed.

Many people choose the budget friendly option of using a screen flow and the MobileFloww.

If you drive a Smart Car – place the Screenfloww under the central dashboard screen with another somewhere in the back if you’re travelling on long road trips with family. (More on what to watch out for in SMART cars in the next newsletter).


The most popular Floww product, designed for portable protection.  The PersonalFloww® creates a healthy environment around  you, wherever you may go. 

Carry the PersonalFloww® close to your body, in the pocket of a jacket or trousers, or place it under your pillow.

The PersonalFloww comes in medium and small sizes as some people prefer the latter for carrying with them.



Protects you from radiation damage within your own home from items such as the smart meters, electricity boxes, heating units and A/C

Installation is simple – place one tower in a corner of the house and the other in the other corner, on the same floor or on a lower floor.  This creates a field of safety between the two.  

The screen flows protect your environment from large sources of EMF; the small antennas protect you and your family from external radiation.

The HomeFloww converts EMF in and around your home into a natural body frequency. If you have the HomeFloww you don’t need any of the other pieces, excepting the MobileFloww for when you’re not at home or if making long calls with your cell phone by your head.

Protection is provided for up to a 10,000 square foot (929 square meter) home. 


The FlowwStation was developed for smaller units – apartments, hotel rooms, giving an 85% reduction in radiation at 3 Ghz

The tower is thicker with a sleeve on it for protection from accidents caused by pets and children.  Place it in one in corner and it is good for up to 12 Sq meters. 

I’ve been approached by boutique hotels and hotels wanting to offer their guests rooms without EMF radiation. More and more hotels, Air B & B’s etc are moving in this common sense direction.

These are available on the Sana Shop site. Act quickly as there’s a worthwhile sale on right now.

One Recent Case

Anne in New York suffered rheumatoid arthritis (autoimmune swelling of joints) trying everything there was to resolve it. On holiday in New Zealand she noticed that her swellings disappeared after a few days. She thought her condition had finally been resolved. 

When she returned to her upper story apartment block in New York, after 2 days the pains returned to her hands and feet.  New York is a wireless hotspot.

Anne tried the HomeFloww and her swelling reduced to almost 100’% in 7 days

Floww Drops

Formulated to protect cell integrity this is a glycerine-based Homeopathic remedy to neutralise EMF’s that may already be present in the human/animal body. If you’re not sensitive to electromagnetic fields you won’t need Floww drops. 

One bottle should be sufficient as you’re unlikely to need it after the initial does if you’re using the other Floww products in your home.

If you’re using the drops on household pets, apply the drops to their paws.

Drink plenty of clean water as this makes your cells conductive. 

Additional Information is available on the website besides each unit.

The lifespan includes provision for 6G

Passive electronics absorb harmful radiation, altering it to a body-friendly level before re-introducing it to Schumann levels between 7.8 and 33 Hz  There is no need to be plugged in and you are not generating more EMF’s to produce a result.

Until last year research showed Live blood Analysis (Darkfield Microscopy) showed blood clumping in people using phones without EMF protection. 

There’s a 30 days Money Back Guarantee on all products excepting the MobileFlowW

The warranty covers equipment defects for 12 months

Graeme Dinnen


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