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I consider Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby to be a friend that I’ve never met.

We’ve spoken on the phone; he interviewed me on the subject of parasites for his radio show, we’ve sent each other emails, and we’ve tried to hook up but something always gets in the way.

Keith always writes well and in this article muses on a ‘lost generation and mental health’.

Especially valuable is his belief that the rise in supermarkets and junk food almost exactly parallels the deterioration in youngsters.

I hope you were able to watch last week’s docu-series “Remedy” in which a wide range of experienced and highly-qualified and experienced cardiologists, doctors and specialists exposed the criminal fraud of Big Pharma and colluding Governments to convince populations to receive vaccinations containing  abhorrent levels of heavy metals…..particularly young children too early in their neurological development to deal with high levels of toxins crossing their blood-brain barrier.

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Graeme Dinnen

This is what they need the most…

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