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Water is essential to life. We know that. 

But water.deserves more applause than it gets.

I’m not writing to tell you how tap water is toxic and then compare the best water filters, recommending one for you to buy. This is about a recent discovery altogether.

H2O is an unsung hero – it’s not just your daily thirst quencher; it’s the Grand Vizier of the show called LIFE.

Of course it’s essential for us to stay hydrated, but there’s so much more. Water contributes to our lives in different ways – without water, your heart for example would throw a hissy fit trying to pump blood around like a failed water balloon experiment.

We were taught in school biology that our bodies are 70%-80’% water. That’s a generalisation at best and not even that accurate. 99% of the molecules that make up our bodies are water molecules. Not only does this fluid prevent us from overheating, it also lubricates joints, tissues and is important for digestion among many other functions. So, it’s vital that the water we’re constantly losing through breathing, sweating and waste removal is replaced.

In his masterpiece “The Fourth Phase,” author Gerald Pollock spills the beans on how water’s structural changes are the behind-the-scenes architects of the most electrifying dramas on Earth.

So you and I aren’t just water enthusiasts; we’re walking, talking vertical columns of water. 

We all know the classic trilogy of water: ICE, LIQUID, and STEAM. But there IS an elusive fourth phase and it gives us an insight into its immense value.

The Most Astonishing Substance in The Universe

Picture this: it’s the water you’re familiar with but with an upgrade that’s turning the water world upside down.

It’s called EZ water, “Exclusion Zone”. This isn’t your typical water; it’s the Aquaman of water, ready to ride the electrical waves. 

Wrap your thoughts around this: EZ water is propelled by electrical forces.

Read that sentence again as it can pretzel your brain first time around.

Here’s how it works: EZ water loves hydrophilic surfaces – that’s nerd speak for water-loving surfaces, found inside our blood vessels and within trees.

EZ water needs light to strut its stuff – another reason why light and life are BFFs. So, when you’re basking in the sun, know that your EZ water is doing a happy dance within you.

This fourth phase of water has unique properties. 

Our teachers didn’t know about this when we took notes during school biology classes; our cells are filled with EZ water, not the same type of dead, lifeless bulk water that comes out of our kitchen taps. 

There are enormous implications in this.

Before I write about our hearts and blood circulation, let me ask you if you have any idea how water is pumped to the top of a 250 foot tree. No? Strangely enough, neither did I. We’re not alone either. Scientists have struggled to answer this one.

We know that atmospheric pressure can account for water rising up the trunk of a tree but only as far as 32-33 ft. Maybe we could add another few extra inches for the surface tension effect. But that’s it. 

Trees pump water and minerals via transpiration similar to the way you suck liquid through a straw. Water and minerals move against the force of gravity and go upwards. The tiny xylem (capillaries) and pholem (vascular tissue), built of millions of hydrophilic tubules, provide the liquid transportation system in which this water travels.

How water is lifted the remaining 215 ft without any pumping system has been a mystery….until now.

It turns out that water is propelled along this system, as high as you like, by electromagnetic driving forces! The rotation of Earth on its axis causes an electromagnetic field that extends around the planet.

The EZ water is negatively charged. It’s like an incorporated battery-driven motor.

You could send water to the moon with this method! It just needs long enough tubules to reach that far and the fourth phase of water to drive it!

This is such a huge discovery that orthodox science is still grappling with the possibilities.

Back to our hearts and the way blood circulates. It may be that the heart does not PUMP blood at all!. German philosopher Rudolph Steiner even suggested this more than a century ago.

It’s driven by the electromagnetic engine along the inside of our blood vessels.

In that case, what role does the heart play? If it stops functioning in the way it does, we die. But that doesn’t prove a pumping action. It just means a failure of blood transportation and the end of oxygen distribution. That’s all.

The heart is actually there to create a vortex, which it does rather elegantly. Fibres that sweep down and around the main chambers swirl in a spiral shape. That is no accident.

There’s no debate over these vortices. They have been studied. An article in Nature Journal called attention to the fact that our hearts fail when they do not have the optimum vortex ratio.

The performance of water in blood is every bit as important as the quantities present.

With the fourth phase energy effect in place, fluid (the water in the blood) flows through your blood vessels and capillaries, drawn along by electromagnetic forces. 

It doesn’t need to be pumped because it’s moving along anyway.

Bad Water and Good Water

The trouble is most of the water we drink is of poor quality! This fourth-phase benefits are reduced because of contaminants. Even bottled “spring” water is questionable due to the dissolved chemicals from the soft plastics of the bottle. 

But tap water can be deadly and not just from filthy pipes leading to your home. It contains pesticides and pollutants; solvents and detergents; pharmaceutical drugs; hormones and other inflammatory substances that play havoc with your biology.

Men don’t know it but they take the birth control pill on a daily basis, because it’s re-cycled in their taps! It’s been pointed out that these days we swallow the whole community’s urine several times over.

Sorry about that guys but you do need to be aware of this.

So just as obesity, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes are on the rise due to poor eating habits, cardiovascular disease (the #1 killer) is made more likely because the water you are drinking has less of the important “living” properties.

We are slowly killing ourselves with this dead water. Research what’s best and most affordable for you and put this exercise at the top of your “to-do” list.

For years we’ve used a Berkey Filter. If you prefer Reverse Osmosis, a model is now available in a desktop version. Then of course there’s hydrogen water. If you want to know whether the water quality is safe anytime, anywhere, I recommend you buy a water monitor to test for Total Dissolved Solids. Good water quality monitors are vital for the health of you and your family.

Something like this:

Graeme Dinnen

Feedback on “The Fourth Phase”  It’s screaming with enormous discoveries that have got those in the know very excited.

“The most significant scientific discovery of this century” commented one reviewer (Mae-Wan Ho, Institute of Science and Society, London, UK). “The most interesting science book I’ve ever read” (Zhiliang Gong, University of Chicago)

“This amazing book has changed my understanding of all the processes going on in water, which I was confident I knew about… I must now come to terms with the demonstration that water is not just a medium in which physics and chemistry happen, but a machine that powers and manages physics and chemistry” (Martin Canny, Australian National University)

What on earth has got them all so excited? A totally new discovery about water itself, which turns science on its head!

Available Here:


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