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The Miracle Healing Power of DMSO

Arriving in England after our nine year Balinese adventure, I stumbled upon a treasure trove of health goodies that were not available there. 

The star of the show? None other than DMSO, or Dimethyl Sulfoxide, the Cinderella of natural remedies, still lurking in the shadows of the health world. 

It’s still the best-kept secret with a highly competitive streak, vying for the top spot in the “League of Remarkable Health Finds.” 

And there’s competition for that spot.

Among the many sulphur compounds, DMSO takes the cake for its impressively wide range of uses, making it the overachiever of the remedy world. 

Its usefulness in any condition is that it stimulates healing.

Derived from tree lignin through the production of wood pulp from coniferous trees such as pine, DMSO is in my opinion the most potent free radical scavenger known to man – a Swiss Army knife of anti-inflammatory remedies, playing both internal and external roles with flair. 

It’s your go-to pain reliever, especially skin burns; acne’s worst nightmare, headache buster and muscle strain soother—all rolled into one. Plus it will potentise any remedies taken at the same time.

And the best part? It is easily transported in the blood and thus quickly and thoroughly distributed throughout the body.

Now, here’s the plot twist: DMSO isn’t some undercover steroid or a shady narcotic. There are no long-term side effects lurking in the shadows.

Dr. Stanley Jacob at the Oregon Medicinal School even found that DMSO, in its purest form, can travel through your skin and organ membranes without causing a reaction. 

DMSO is so indispensable that it should be in every first aid kit. It’s a must-have in the arsenal of every sports medicine professional and is regularly used in hospitals and doctor’s office.

I’m not going to list every internal or external condition that benefits from DMSO because there are far too many.  Instead, let’s delve into some of the more intriguing and unexpected ways it can be put to use:

Scleroderma (hardening of the skin)

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Frozen Shoulder

Mental Health (research shows depression is linked to inflammation)

Herpes (internal and external)

Interstitial cystitis 

Restless Leg Syndrome

Dental Cavities



Muscle Repair

Hair growth 



….and in emergencies – helping to stop heart attacks and strokes


First know that DMSO has been described as “tasting like rubber bands”.  Dilute it with a fruit juice.  You get used to it.. 


First unearthed in 1866 by Russian physician Alexander Saytzeff, this compound remained largely dormant until the 1950s, when British scientists stumbled upon its cell-friendly nature.

Being a prodigy of Nature, DMSO has big pharmaceutical companies scratching their heads. Would-be corporate overlords can’t slap a patent label on it and call it theirs, which doesn’t exactly fit their usual playbook.

Despite undergoing rigorous testing on a staggering 100,000 patients, with each study unanimously confirming its impeccable safety record, Big Pharma swiftly swooped in. They cast shadows of doubt on its safety and branded it as just another overhyped cure-all.

I wrote ‘each study’ yet there is one exception – in the 1950’s an Irish woman who was on a course of antibiotics and anti-anxiety medicine had an anaphylactic reaction to DMSO. This reaction alone should have been a signal to stop her dosages.

Scientific journals did not entertain any research and further studies were never conducted because of what they were told was questionable evidence.

In a surprising turn of events, and despite a wealth of supporting evidence, the FDA slammed the door shut on all DMSO usage in November 1965. 

Dr. Stanley Jacob’s world was turned upside down when his offices were raided, and he found himself facing charges of presenting insufficient and inconclusive evidence regarding the safety of DMSO. 

He was however told by a pharmaceutical representative: “I don’t care if DMSO is the major drug of our century, and we all know it is, it isn’t worth it to us”.

Today, DMSO has made a comeback and can be found on our shelves, serving as both a solvent and a topical remedy for horses. 

There are primarily two grades available: industrial (unfit for human use) and pharmaceutical, boasting a staggering 99.995% purity.  Achieving this purity involves running activated charcoal through the solution during the filtration process to eliminate any lingering impurities.

In today’s world, I’d suggest using DMSO to safeguard DNA repair and protect against radiation damage. Thanks to its ability to transport nutrients and enhance blood circulation (relaxing blood vessels for smoother blood flow), I personally use it daily, as a morning drink and in eye drops, the latter by diluting it to a 40% DMSO solution with 60% distilled water, sprinkled with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt.

The People’s Medicine

Always remember the basics: wash your hands before and after use. 

My personal recommendation? If you want your overall health to improve or help to remedy a long term condition, get your hands on Amandha Vollmer’s book. While there may be other options out there, this one truly stands out providing a comprehensive explanation of DMSO, along with invaluable guidance on external and internal dosages. 

Organic food where possible, herbs, gargling with iodine and DMSO are a good approach to healthy living. The last appointment I made with a doctor was decades ago – sometime in the early 1990’s, and that was only for an overall checkup my mother insisted I have!

Graeme Dinnen

Healing WIth DMSO by Amandha Vollmer

Access page for free ebook “Five Essential Elements“. Iodine (kills unwanted bugs) – Celtic Sea Salt (rich source of 83 minerals) – Bicarbonate of Soda (great for viral infections) – DMSO (“The People’s Medicine”) – Hydrogen Peroxide (wound care, disinfection, oral health, water purification and more).

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