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During World War I, soldiers donned different shades of khaki uniforms and engaged in a prolonged, brutal combat from muddy, rat-infested trenches. The conflict resulted in approximately 20 million deaths, with 9.7 million being military personnel and 10 million civilians.

The devastation was even greater in World War II, which claimed 75 million lives. Of these, 40 million were civilians, many of whom perished due to deliberate acts of genocide, massacres, mass bombings, disease, and starvation.

We clearly haven’t learned from past mistakes and now stand on the precipice of World War III, a reality that Australian journalist and documentary film-maker John Pilger warned us about years ago. 

Back then politicians would talk about finding solutions to bring “peace”. Today the narrative has changed to “war”. Serbian leader Aleksandar Vučić has ominously predicted that a full all-out war with Russia could be as close as three months away (September 2024).

In the words of author Jeff Berwick “You should pay extra attention when I tell you now that you should be rapidly preparing for an apocalyptic few years ahead.  Whether it is World War III, Disease X or Bird flu plandemics, cyber attacks or the financial system collapse….things are about to get insane.”

While I fervently hope they’re both wrong my concern is that nuclear weapons will be deployed, ballooning the numbers of military and civilian deaths in WW3.

Relocating to a Safety Zone 

Despite these concerns, it’s crucial to face the future head-on. Moving to what seems like a safe location can backfire. For instance, in 1982, a Canadian man, fearing a global conflict, moved his family to…..the Falkland Islands, just in time for the war there.

Similarly, in 1940, an American sought refuge from WWII by relocating his family to the Pacific Islands. He chose Guadalcanal, the island that became a major battleground between the US and Japanese troops.

To prepare for potential conflict, there’s a comprehensive list of survival strategies, including taking prepper courses, acquiring essential equipment, setting up electrical power systems, and ensuring an adequate supply of food and clean water.

What Most People Forget 

One crucial element, rarely remembered for any list of essentials is a reliable supply of the silent defender – iodine.  This is not a case of should I or shouldn’t I?. Iodine is essential.

Why Iodine?

Iodine blocks the absorption of radiation by the thyroid gland, reducing the risk of thyroid cancer. A healthy thyroid is essential for proper metabolism, immune system function, and heart health. Maintaining proper iodine levels is crucial.

Unfortunately, iodine deficiency is widespread, leading to a range of health issues if not promptly addressed. The National Institute of Health recommends adults consume 150 mcg of iodine daily.

As it’s pure and unadulterated, I recommend Perfect Iodine. I’d add that not all the iodine on the market iodine is as genuine a this one. Perfect Iodine can be taken internally or applied topically as a skin cleanser. 

It is an essential item for any 21st Century emergency kit, useful for home remedies and survival situations.

Perfect Iodine is available here

Celtic Sea Salt

In his book “Seasalt’s Hidden Powers” biologist Jacques de Langre wrote:

“When the first atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, the only true protection and the only substance that saved many (who were closer to the epicentre than any others who died) was none other than salty miso, a mixture of soya beans and sea salt having a definite property for replenishing human body fluids with salt’s minerals”.

He added: 

“The daily use of natural gray salt protects the used by neutralsing radiation exposure because it supplies organic iodine to the entire glandular network. The new science of microchemistry has proven that several specific trace elements protect the internal organs from artificial radiation, and these oligo-elements are not effective at microdoses.”

“A better way to prepare against the eventuality of atomic fallout is to build a strong immune terrain ahead of time by simply using real salt daily since it alone supplies the highest possible level of organic iodine.”

“By their very saline content, all oceans of the world offer the strongest protection against atomic radiation and fallout that humankind has available. The power to neutralise radiation comes not just from the highest concentration of sodium chloride in the earth but also from the 16% of other salt compounds present in unrefined salt. It is the combination of all these mineral compounds in a symbiotic mix that gives the strongest protection to consumers. Washed or artificially dried salt does not offer the same defense since the vital trace elements have disappeared.”

Celtic Sea Salts are available on our site:

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Graeme Dinnen

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