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Discover How You Can Avoid Blood Clots, Stroke, and Heart Attacks NOW

One night in 1950, my grandmother sat up in bed and said to my grandfather “Johnny, my head hurts”. 

Those were her last words.  In a twist that even the best writers of tragic comedies couldn’t have scripted better, seconds later she went on a cosmic journey, victim to a stroke caused by a blood clot.

It was wholly unexpected and, I’m told, very quick.

They’re not choosy about whose lives they wreck. These little troublemakers form in our circulatory system – veins and arteries.

It’s called Deep Vein Thrombosis when a blood clot forms lower down in the body, usually in the leg, thigh, pelvis or sometimes the arm.

The real risk is the viscosity of a person’s blood. The most fatal cardiovascular events today are triggered by blood clots. 

Free-flowing blood is the number #1 marker for vibrant health. It feeds us and clears away toxins and general body waste. Good quality blood contributes significantly to our life force and helps protect us from infections.

But here’s the kicker – when your blood slows down to the pace of tomato sauce, none of that happens.

The question you need to ask yourselves: Does my blood flow like red wine (low viscosity) or does it sludge through your veins like tomato sauce (high viscosity)?

The good news is that we can spot and tackle the whole blood viscosity issue well in advance, so there’s no need to panic just yet.

If you think your blood falls into the tomato sauce category the results can be lethal, as blood flowing slowly though your veins and arteries….

…..•  is low in vital nutrients

…..•  carries less life-giving oxygen to the tissues (cancers thrive in reduced oxygen levels)

…..•  removes less toxins than free-flowing blood

…..•  causes poor absorption of supplements 

…..•  accelerates internal and external body ageing

Highly viscous (free flowing) blood on the other hand:

…..•  helps clearer thinking 

…..•  reduces the chance of dementia (due to distribution of nutrients)

…..•  better at clearing toxins

Now, some doctors are invaluable in helping their patients with blood issues, while other doctors dish out prescription drugs like candy.  Personally I have never gone for the medical option, especially statins, a deception that was exposed over 50 years ago but somehow haw been allowed to continue.

There’s a shining knight in this medical comedy, called the Vielight!  It’s like a tiny electronic superhero that’s here to save the day. 

Eliminate Blood Clots: The Silent Killers Lurking in Your Veins

To ‘thin’ your blood or reduce its viscosity a clip is inserted into a nostril to reach the brain’s olfactory bulb (responsible for keeping long-term memories) and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (regulates emotions) bringing about a beneficial biological change. 

Your nose has more veins passing through it than your brain.

Brace yourself for a plot twist. Remember all that fuss about your artery walls being the culprits behind heart attacks? Turns out, that’s fake news! 

Research conducted at the University of Edinburgh (which we hope sees the light of day) spills the beans – it’s the quality of your blood that’s the real heart attack trigger. Forget blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol; this revelation is like discovering the Lost City of Gold.

But hold on to your hats, because Big Pharma isn’t too thrilled about this news. Those statin drugs? They’re raking in billions, and this revelation could seriously cramp their style.

Nasal Devices

There are three Vielight intranasal devices available for brain health, systemic wellness and the MIP 470 additionally for microbial sanitization.

  1. MIP 470
  2. MIP 633
  3. MIP 655

These are serious pieces of equipment offering profound benefits and are extremely easy to use.

Here’s an 18 second visual on how they work:

In 2020, I first wrote about the Vielight models available.  The range of their equipment has recently been extended to include 3 intranasal models specifically for the purpose of ‘thinning’ the blood..

I recommend you give each one a good look. And here’s a pro tip: if you decide to get yourself one of these models, do it through the Vielight site.  They’ve got generous 6-month warranties you won’t find on Amazon or eBay.  

And here’s a little treat for you – use the code RFLBIO to score a 10% discount on your purchase.

The Vielight Team

Based in Toronto, their groundbreaking tech is so in demand right now that thousands of users can’t get enough. When I first got my hands on a Vielight Neuro back in March 2020 (and have been using it regularly since), they became my trusted go-to resource.

Highly qualified and keen to make groundbreaking technology available to users the Vielight team carries an extremely professional reputation.

COVID and the Coming Variants

For those of you keeping tabs on COVID and its ever-changing wardrobe of variants, there’s a whole section on this just for you. In a world where global sickness is on the rise, it’s time to protect yourself with some life-saving equipment and minimise the chances of heart attacks, strokes or blood clots. 

Your family will appreciate this, especially in the later years.

Graeme Dinnen

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