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Some friends showed me a parking ticket their daughter found on her car windscreen.  They wanted my opinion.

Their daughter suffered from cerebral palsy and had a Disabled Parking Notice ostensibly for the Disabled Parking Bay at her University where the ticket was issued.

One day she was in a hurry and forgot to display the disabled badge on the car’s dashboard.  

The disabled badge could be seen clearly hanging out of the glove compartment, just not positioned ON the dashboard.

The ‘evidence’ photographs taken by the ticket issuer himself confirmed this.

I laughed and told them to challenge it as the ticket office would not have the grounds to justify such a decision in view of the circumstances, backed up by their daughter’s condition. 

The parents were concerned at the terms of the ticket; £45 if paid within 14 days or £90 thereafter. 

Afraid of “what might happen” if they didn’t meet the terms of the notice, they paid the £45.

That’s fear in action.

– – – – –

Fear in action is what cripples people from being themselves. Taking action itself can be brought on by procrastination or a fear of failure.  

The consequences have long term effects.

To stop us from being cheated out of what’s rightfully ours, if we don’t ALL stand up and be counted, we’ll continue to be conned…..and it’s gone on for long enough.

In Nature a bird flying in a flock can fly 70% further than a bird flying on its own. Animals crossing the African plains don’t walk on their own; they walk together for safety.

On 25 May will be first ever open-to-all Q & A clinic. The event is FREE so mark it in your diary. I’ve no idea if it’s being recorded so add your email address anyway and if the time and date is not right, you should receive a recording afterwards.

It’s a one-off opportunity for those who have never appreciated the innate power they have to step out of the legal into the lawful where we all should be.

The event will dispel your biggest illusions about law and sovereignty which is no more than another example of what they didn’t teach you at school. Remember, the government was set up to ensure man’s/woman’s rights to property, not to confiscate it from them on a pretext.

This applies internationally – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe – rather than just for residents of Britain.

Knowledge is power; knowledge of the law for mankind sets us free

We all could have done with this information years ago.  

Click on the banner to see what will be covered and how it applies to you.

Here’s some genuine feedback

The Sovereign’s Way

And it gets better…. I received an email from Greg Paul last week…

Here’s what we’ve got planned over the coming months:

  • I’m going to be running a free week-long intensive workshop where we will get really practical about the emotional integration aspect of the course. 12 people (selected by application) will join me for the workshop, which will be edited down into a secondary course and given to everyone who has ever taken the Knowledge Share… for FREE (more on this soon if you’d like to apply to be part of the live)
  • The Sovereign’s Way App will be ready for launch – everything you can currently do on the site, will soon be available as an app making the course and groups more accessible
  • The Mastery Circle will become FREE to everyone – rather than being open only for a small group who meet with Jon and I each week, the Mastery Circle will become a whole new online platform where ANYONE who has completed the Knowledge Share can join support calls, and even host them for themselves. Jon and I will still do some sessions, but so too will members of the community be able to host their own groups, both free and by donation. There will be a load more features to support grounding the knowledge in your life too. (Don’t worry – if you’re already part of the Mastery Community, the value will go up not down)

This is a game changer and not something you can afford to miss.

Graeme Dinnen @

The Sovereign’s Way: Overcoming Your Fears

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