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Since 2001 I’ve been urging readers to convert to better quality salts.

At health events in the UK we’d display a selection of our health centre’s products.

Phylipa would ask people as they approached our table “Did you know that salt is good for you?”

As this went against what they’d been taught to believe, it usually made them stop and ask questions.

Phylipa would then put a sample quantity of salt into the palm of their hands for them to taste.

They would look questioningly at her before trying it.  

“Wow! That tastes wonderful. What is it?” they’d ask.

“That is real salt” Phylipa would answer, adding “what you buy in supermarkets is harmful sodium chloride, not salt”.

They’d usually buy a bag or two before moving on.

A Paludier (Salt Farmer) Harvesting Celtic Sea Salt At The Salt Flats Of Guérande 

Question:  What’s the real cause for most people making appointments with their doctor? (It’s what most people in the western world suffer from)  

Answer: A Mineral Deficiency

Ninety Two (92) essential minerals are found in our oceans. The refined salts on shelves in supermarkets retain only two (2) of them, as well as adding questionable chemicals into the processing.

Question: “Why do they extract minerals from salt the first place?”

Answer:  Profit, as they can separate and repackage them as individual minerals – calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium etc and sell them to the unsuspecting public from health shops and online at inflated prices.

Useful Information:

  • minerals need to be taken in conjunction with other minerals for them to work properly.  That’s why Nature provided us with sea salt as the minerals are already combined.
  • calcium doesn’t remain in the body unless it’s taken in conjunction with magnesium.
  • discount vitamins and minerals are usually made from cheap sources of calcium carbonate (chalk).
  • indium is a little known yet valuable mineral that acts like the doorman at a hotel, opening the door to allow minerals in.
  • add iodine and selenium can slow your breathing down and you’ll run circles around anything a card-carrying medical doctor can do, (or more appropriately what they are allowed to do).

Some packaging has the words “With Added Magnesium”.  Why, when sea salt in its original state contained sufficient quantities of magnesium, did they take it away only to add it back again as a ‘bonus’?

Sleight of hand once again.

The Macrobiotic and Lo-Salts have been machine-harvested and washed, boiled skimmed and oven dried.  Compare that to the salt-farmers of Brittany what only use the sun and the wind to dry their Celtic Salts.

At the University of California, biologist Dr. Jacques Loeb conducted a test by placing a fish in a concentration of sodium chloride similar to that of refined sea salt. Dr Loeb’s fish didn’t take long to die, raising the question what is the fate of our internal organs when fed commercial sodium chloride?

To source quality salts for your kitchen (and turn you into a better cook!) click on one of the links below:

• UK/Europe AncientPurity

• USA Selina Naturally or Salts Worldwide

• Australia Salt Of The Earth  

or just key “Celtic Sea Salt (and your country)” into your browser.

The Marais Salants by Guérande 
The medieval walled town of Guérande where we stayed on our many salt-buying trips to Brittany

Graeme Dinnen

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