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I’ve listed just some of the malpractices of the dental industry that have become commonplace today. Here’s your chance to bone up on the facts before the wool is pulled over your eyes or long-term damage is caused at the cost to your health, by falling victim to “the white coat effect”.


In water, fluoride is a neurotoxin (research Lancet Neurology) that does NOT strengthen tooth enamel. Amongst its several side effects is a decrease in children’s IQs. While fluoride can be naturally-occurring, the fluoride added to our drinking water originates from lead-contaminated Chinese sources. 

If the labelling and advertisements for a toothpaste proclaim it cleans and/or whitens the teeth, it is classified as a cosmetic. Cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA. If you wanted to increase sales by adding a fluoride, so you could also say that your toothpaste “helps prevent caries (tooth decay).” Your cosmetic toothpaste just became a drug. No caries-preventing toothpaste is approved by the FDA unless it contains fluoride.

The American Dental Association (ADA) also promotes the “benefits” of fluoride.

Mercury Fillings

Amalgam fillings contain up to 50% mercury – one of the most toxic metals known.  The use of mercury has been banned in many countries, particularly for vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and children.

No prizes for guessing that a major cause of health problems in your body is induced by the mercury in your fillings.  People suffering from mercury exposure may have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases, Leukaemia, Arthritis, Diabetes, Seizures and babies could suffer from birth defects. 

That’s just a shortened list of the 200 mercury-related diseases documented by  Dr. Hal Huggins.  New evidence from the Dental Tribune suggests that mercury exposure from dental amalgams may also cause or contribute to depression, anxiety and suicide.

Chuck Rekoske, former Chairman of the Kansas MS Society and an MS sufferer, decided to have his amalgam fillings removed.  He improved to the extent that he could play 3 sets of tennis each day with his son. When Chuck started recommending amalgam removal the society invited him to resign for “conflict of interest”.  Enough said there! 

In May 2024 the European Union finalised its ban on mercury, although there’s a scheduled phasing out of use, manufacture and export between now and July 2026. Dental authorities in UK and USA please note!

Root Canals

The claim is that root canals are widely practised and considered safe by most dental professionals. Root canals involve dead or nearly dead teeth that are treated with toxins and carcinogens, leaving them to rot and spread bacteria, compromising health.

Cancer specialist Dr. Josef Issels, MD (1907 – 1998), asked all of his cancer patients to have their dead teeth removed. In his book ‘Cancer: A Second Opinion’, he explains that he has worked with 16,000 cancer patients over 40 years, and some 90% of which had a dead tooth or teeth in their mouths. The link between the mouth and cancer was clear.  In addition to that, a Swiss Cancer Clinic found that of 150 patients suffering from breast cancer, 147 of them had one or more root canal-treated teeth, some of them on the same acupuncture meridian as the cancerous breast.

One alternative – titanium implants – themselves create problems. Symptoms may include pain, numbness or tingling in the teeth, gums, lips or chin after the procedure, due to the damage to the nerves or surrounding structures.

Read an excerpt from George Meinig’s “Root Canal Cover Up” before considering the recommendation of a root canal treatment.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

The justification is that over two-thirds of people will eventually need this surgery. Some dentists suggest removing premolars (the teeth in front of the molars) “to make more room in the mouth”. The sad thing is that many of us fall for this insane reasoning.

That’s about as helpful as gynecologists recommending ovary removal to prevent ovarian cancer. The removal of wisdom teeth under specific circumstances has benefits but is generally unnecessary and probably motivated by financial gain.

Dentists often recommend wisdom teeth removal to almost all ages, with the justification of preventing potential problems later if they become impacted.

The White Coat Effect: The Damage Starts Here

We are invested in dental lies.

60% of Europeans and a slightly lower percentage of people in other developed countries have had root canals. At least half of U.S. dentists still use mercury fillings, and about half of American adults have them. Additionally, around 75% of Americans undergo wisdom teeth extractions. These practices persist largely because they are not immediately painful, leading patients to trust their dentists. But how could our seemingly well-intentioned dentists be subjecting us to such procedures?

Is it a case of “follow the money”?

Graeme Dinnen

 • ‘Shut Your Mouth And Open Wide’by Dr Elmar Jung

In a refreshingly entertaining, jaw-dropping, sometimes shocking way,  Dr Jung drills into the root causes of dental health issues. 

You’ll learn about hazardous toxins, life-threatening risks of dental materials and dental some questionable treatments, and what you can do about them. 

Click the link above for more information.

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